Glenn Beck: This is the End

Glenn Beck not only said the end times are nigh, he let slip the secret code sign notifying the faithful that the end times are nigh. Video and full quote at Rightwing Watch linked below.

RW Watch — Saying that the Book of Mormon is “really a calendar,” Beck said that recent episodes of cannibalism in Syria and Russia are just the sort of thing that the Book of Mormon predicts will take place as we near the Last Days … adding that he told his staff a long time ago that if they ever heard him mention the Book of Mormon on the air, they would know “we are at the end”


  1. Randomfactor says

    Wonder what the followers of COMPETING Christian nut-cults think about that…

  2. says

    All the competing Christian nut-cults agree with him that the end is near — but disagree as to the reasons.

    So, they hate that they think he’s right. But they’re stocking up freeze-dried soup anyway.

    Me, I’m thinking of getting into the freeze-dried soup business.

  3. CaitieCat says

    The Rapture (specifically) is the only part of Christian theology that I seriously and sincerely wish were true. It’s perfect: they want it to happen, we want it to happen to them. Nobody loses, nobody gets hurt.

    I would LOVE it if the world were completely emptied of devout Christians. Yeah, we’d lose a few good ones, maybe even some good scientists, but the sheer loss of deadweight of all that unused brainmeat not being around anymore would be a HUGE boon to the human race. And the dominionist tendency to wreck the earth so Jeebus will come quicker (weird porn that guy likes) would go away. And we’d drop a lot of CO2 from the output! And there’d be like a hundred new TV channels to replace all the TVTalibangelists. Maybe some with SCIENCE!

    This is like WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!

    If we could just then engineer some Rapture-like events for the hardcore Sikhs, and Muslims, and Jews, and Zoroastrians, and…

  4. Stacy says

    Surely talking about Mormonism will turn off a goodly portion of his likely audience. Have his ratings dipped so low he’s getting desperate, or does he really believe this whargarbl? What ever happened to that “Man in the Moon” scheme?

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