Yes, this question was actually asked in Boston

“Is this another false-flag staged attack to take our civil liberties ….” That question was actually asked by an asshole working for conspiracy monger Alex Jones at Boston presser today. And note the delicious false assumption implied, is this another false …


  1. dmcclean says

    Today? Because someone was yelling repeated questions about the same thing to Gov. Patrick et al. at a press conference yesterday evening.

  2. timanthony says

    FFS learn to type, spell, spell-check… WHATEVER! You decide! Till then I decline to take you seriously, leaving…

  3. left0ver1under says

    That’s not the only stupid voice speaking out after the bombing. Cynthia McKinney said something equally dumb.

  4. Dunc says

    How did they expect that to go down, exactly?

    ““Is this another false-flag staged attack to take our civil liberties?”

    “Yes, it was… Dammit! I meant no! NO!”

  5. Randomfactor says

    If the government were really trying to hide an operation like this, they could hardly do better than using someone like Alex Jones to discredit the opposition. He must be paid by the lizard people–nobody could be that stupid…right?

  6. says

    I have a friend/HS acquaintance on Facebook who’s posted almost nothing but conspiracy BS since the bombings here, all under the guise of “just asking questions”/”question everything.” I agree you should question everything, but you should also realize when the answer’s an obvious NO. I have no time for these people anymore except maybe, if I were a better writer, as a target of satire.

  7. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Question *everything*?

    The value of Pi,
    Earth going round the Sun not vice versa,
    Whether the Earth is a sphere, triangle or oblate spheroid,
    What colour the sky is (NB. answer varies on day / night and at poles seasons plus occassional atmospheric conditions so a bit of a toughie. Also depends on the planet.)
    What one plus one is even! (Its eleven when you write a one right next toits identical grapheme, zero when a particle of anti-matter is added to one of matter and (usually) an ever increasing number if we add male rabbit to female one!)

    Question everything, once or even twice or thrice, sure.

    But for pity’s sake, if you do question something, then know also how to categorise the answers you get and decide rationally as to which suggested answers are plausible, reasonable, evidence based and which totally absurd and just silly!

    Learn those tools of logic, science, maths and Occam’s razor.

    Is that really so much to ask of people?

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