I’m not saying it’s God’s Will or anything …

There was a time I felt halfway sorry for Mark Sanford. Remember? Sanford was governor of South Carolina, he disappeared, supposedly to hike the Appalachian Trail. He’d actually fallen head over heels in love with a Brazilian Argentinian beauty and was down south fornicating, much to the chagrin of his wealthy, proper wife back home. Disgraced, Sanford resigned and dropped off the face of the earth. … He’s baaack!

NBC News — Ex-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will announce tomorrow that he is running for Congress, First Read confirms with an aide close to Sanford. Sanford will announce via press release tomorrow; there will be no press conference or public events associated with it, according to an aide. NBC previously reported that Sanford would attempt a political comeback running for his old first congressional district seat. Sanford would be running to replace Tim Scott, who was appointed to Jim DeMint’s Senate seat.

All Sanford did was fall in love and act on it. Regrettable for his wife, perhaps tough on the whole family, but it happens thousands of times a day all over the world. It’s not a crime — although we’d all be way more interested in hearing what happen to Sanford’s true love as opposed to his plans for self enrichment.

But then we find Sanford is just another grifter invoking the name of God-eh to sweep away doubt — either that or he really believes this crazy shit:

It took several dominoes to fall for Sanford to be lined up to run in this race, something Sanford also acknowledged. “I’m not saying it was God-ordained or anything like that,” Sanford said, “but a series of rather miraculous events have coincided here, that did not escape the attention of the friends who were urging me to look at this.”

Of course you’re not saying that Mark, of course you’re not.


  1. erinmcc says

    it always astounds me how any religious politician can flagrantly violate the oath of marriage they took before their own god in his house, and then expect voters to believe said politician will uphold their political promises? you lie to your god and i am suppose to believe you wont lie to me? nuh uh.

  2. thebookofdave says

    This is nitpicking, and doesn’t affect your point, but she was Argentinian. Sanford’s campaign should be a load of laughs.

  3. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    God’s Will:

    I keep waiting for the old fucker to die. I don’t care if he leaves me anything or not.

  4. says

    When Sanford went down I actually though, wow, this poor guy fell in love. Deep, sappy, hopeless love. It’s regrettable, it can break up families and cause heartbreak all around. I knowe this personally, somehting like this happened years ago in my family. I still felt bad for Mrs Sanford, she didn’t have anything to do with it and she paid the emotional price. But it wasn’t evil, imo, it just happened; Mark Sanford fell in love and I almost felt sorry for the guy seeing what happened to him over it, until now. Now I do not feel sorry for him one bit.

  5. Randomfactor says

    I anticipate much snickering when reporters state that he’s “on the campaign trail.”

  6. ah58 says

    It’s not so much that Sanford had an affair. It’s that he was the governor of NC and he went AWOL. He simply disappeared and there was no way to contact him. What if there had been an emergency situation that needed his attention? He was nowhere to be found. That shows a serious lack or responsibility.

    I also seem to recall that there was some question of him using public funds to partially finance his tryst. I’m not sure if that was ever ironed out either.

  7. pixiedust says

    Another minor correction: He did not resign the office of governor but served out his full term.

    erinmcc @ 3: Exactly!

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