The NRA jumps the shark

The wingnuts can’t help themselves and the rest of the nation can’t stand their policies and views. Even in gun control they’re losing because of that dynamic, and that’s one issue where I never thought the right would have to much to worry about.


  1. anubisprime says

    Like a house fly drenched in DDT the NRA’s nervous system is in meltdown.

    And like most organizations that verge on the religious they are given to desperate, pathetic. ridiculous, atrociously bad taste and incoherent argument when cornered.

    I have no idea if Obama will get any measures let alone affective ones through the governmental sexually inadequate dinosaurs that haunt the house and the senate, but if any meaningful measure can be passed…now is the time!
    And the NRA know it!, and they are not perky bunnies …just bitter and all pouty that some of their bestest toys might be confiscated.
    I do wish the American society all the best in that struggle, but their children deserve a world that is not governed by who has the biggest gun or who is the pathologically insane with one.

  2. poxyhowzes says

    Interesting that the logotype on the graphic you has what is presumably an eagle taking a dive rather than standing and fighting.


    [And no, I’m not arguing that an eagle swooping down on its prey is not a “fighting” eagle, just that the image and the text are at odds with each other.]

  3. says

    If you wonder why a tragedy leads to calls for taking away freedom, just remember that SAFTEY has come to mean that before boarding an airplane everyone must walk a Rat Maze, then take off their shoes and allow a full body x-ray.

  4. says

    I have engaged in lengthy debates with many gun-rights advocates.
    They always start with what is demonstrably untrue (gun ownership prevents gun crime, etc.)

    If they stick around long enough to realize that they can’t throw out BS like that, when you hit them with statistics over and over again, they don;t admit you were right, exactly… they just appeal to emotion. “Well, if YOU don’t care about protecting YOUR kids” etc.

    If you can drill down beneath that you finally start to get to what is really going on.
    They’ll start to talk about “government tyranny,” and eventually societal collapse and “when the shit hits the fan, you’ll be begging people like me to let you in.”

    Societal collapse – if they stick around, you always get them down to admitting that THAT is the base fear they have. And then you’ll hear about just who they think will be rampaging and running amok. Hint: not white people.

    That’s what it has come down to in every case I’ve argued with – despite the fact that they live in the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, they are TERRIFIED of society collapsing and the brown people coming for them.

    That’s why statistics about owning guns making their kids less safe don’t phase them. They aren’t worried about safety in the CURRENT social environment, they are concerned about safety in the Mad Max dystrophy that they’re convinced is coming any minute now. And they’re convinced they’ll be starring as Mad Max.

    They really don’t like it, after they have continually called me a coward because I feel no need to own a gun, when I poiont out that their own philosophy is a result of a pathological level of fear.

  5. Crudely Wrott says

    All right, suppose we do put armed guards in schools.

    How many schools are there? They must certainly number in the tens of thousands. How many qualified “guards” are there? How do we know they are qualified?

    Given that any random school will not have a massacre happen in it over any period of time, how can we suppose that bored and complacent guards will be able to react to a sudden attack?

    If there are to be guns in schools, and I am of two minds about this idea, I do not think that hired guns are a reasonable deterrent. Rather, guns in the hands of teachers and staff seem to be more reasonable since they are the ones who will most likely be first to notice any threat.

    The idea scares me but as long as there are idiots with weapons and maniacal intents I see no better solution.

    Simply put, there are not enough police; there are not enough guards; there are lots of teachers . . .

  6. says

    Not to disparage teachers, they are excellent public servents doing the most critical work in society for abysmal pay. But teachers, janitors, aides, they are not immune to mental illness or irrational reactions. It seems to me if there are guns readily available, a disgruntled teacher would be as likely as the next disgruntled worker to flip out. Now add in the chance that a kid gets a hold of it — unless the guns are locked up so securely it takes two keys to open the cabinet or somesuch in which case they’ll never be brought to bear in time — it just seems more risky, not less.

  7. says

    First the biggest real problem we’re facing with mass gun tragedies is really mentally ill people getting ahold of guns. We obviously need to put much more effort into detecting and treating troubled people.
    We’ve declared all schools to be gun free zones guaranteeing children will be completely defenseless and then let the whole world know, including the crazies. The school shooter had 20 minutes to roam freely before law enforcement arrived, and by reloading frequently he fired 150 shots. The president’s response is to call for limiting the style of guns available and limiting magazines to no more than ten rounds. Can you imagine that either of these changes would have even slowed down this determined crazy?
    So when we (yes I’m a member of NRA and gun owners of America) purpose that someone trained in gun use present being in schools is a good way to deter or even stop another tragedy, we’re ridiculed because “anyone with a gun” might go off the deep end?
    So yes, guns in the hands of TRAINED teachers and staff seem to be more reasonable since they are the ones who will most likely be first to notice any threat.

  8. Skip White says

    I love how they act like Obama’s some sort of tyrant, the likes of which history has ever known. They wouldn’t know a tyrant if Genghis Khan yanked them out of a bread line and held them down while Hitler and Stalin took turns punching them in the stomach.

  9. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Teachers on the whole don’t want guns in classrooms. By the way Paul I think you meant ‘propose’ not ‘purpose’.
    And having an armed guard didn’t help at Colombine did it? Didn’t see that work as a deterrent or stop it. What will reduce the incidence of these situations is there being less guns for them to happen with.

  10. says

    What part of we don’t want to take away guns do you not understand?

    Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference

    Read more:

    Feinstein gun ban law: Which types of firearms would be banned?


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