Gunman killed in Portland mall shooting

Update: Twitter hashtags #Shooting; #Clackamas; #ClackamasShooting; @ClackCoSheriff; Timeline/discussion; there are people likely still in mall safe rooms awaiting police escort, hundreds or thousands streaming to mall worried about loved ones, eyewitness accounts have been riveting. Police now report at least one critical injury, two fatalities/victims, plus one dead shooter. Eyewitness accounts and reports of heroism lighting up social media.

A shooting incident has been reported in a popular mall in Portland, Oregon. Witnesses say a man wearing a mask and camo opened fire near a food court, at least one person is said to be dead and possibly more. Another eyewitness says a man in body armor ran into the mall screaming “I’m the shooter!” followed by dozens of automatic rounds being fired. Police are now saying it’s no longer an active shooting and the gunman has been ‘neutralized’.

Reuters— The Oregonian newspaper reported on its website that two people had been killed by a man using a semi-automatic rifle who may have also been wearing body armor. The paper said the shooting occurred near the mall’s food court.”The scene outside as I was leaving was just chaos,” witness Isabel Valentine told the paper. “Police were everywhere, people were crying and screaming, and we still don’t know exactly why this all happened.”

Oregonian sports reporter John Canzano, who said he was at the mall when the shooting began, tweeted that “panicked people are running from the mall” and later urged his followers simply to “pray.”


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    I’m trying to update, thanks. There are reports of ordinary people leading other terrified shoppers out of mall safely, some being called heroic. I bet some of those same heroes are the ones the usual suspects might call “moochers,” i.e. very low paid part timers who make such a shitty wage they have to rely on foodstamps and WIC.

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