Ethan Rome takes the wood to spoiled CEOs

Let’s say you’re a pampered CEO making millions, and you create the most toxic debt known to mankind, debt so poisonous it blows up and crashes the entire US economy, throwing millions of taxpayers like me into the snapping jaws of unemployment and misery. Then tax payers like me bail your rich ass out to the tune of a trillion bucks securing your multi-million dollar bonuses and luxurious retirement. How would you reward those taxpayers? If you’re a Wall Street investment banker, you scold us over the national debt and tell us we must sacrifice more: [Read more…]

Hometown Texas fundies accused of rape and murder

A few months ago Micah Moore stood as groomsman in Bethaney Deaton’s wedding. A few days ago he walked into a Midwest* police department and told investigators he had killed her at the request of her new husband Tyler. Bethany and Tyler met as freshman at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, just outside of Austin and moved to Kansas where they started and managed a prayer group. The motive according to Moore? Egad: [Read more…]

Old man McCain may have finally gone around the bend

It’s not clear what the WH thought filling Huckleberry and Crusty in on the gaping holes in their vague Obama conspiracy claims over Benghazi would accomplish. It was clear that no matter what was presented it would only be fodder for both Senators’ deep desire to avoid a Teaparty primary challenge*. But this brainless quip may really suggest McCain doesn’t have many reliable synapses left: [Read more…]

Bigfoot DNA sequenced …

I hope the ellipsis conveys my skepticism adequately. If it doesn’t, my apologies. The article this came from features a scientist, errr of sorts, making that claim. Normally, I wouldn’t give it the time of day. But it’s instructive. It sounds almost serious at first, even to a quasi-informed science writer like me who knows just enough molecular bio to be completely fooled by anyone who knows a tiny bit more. But thankfully, this particular reporter, wasn’t satisfied to be a mere stenographer. [Read more…]

Buffet brings the wood to Republican apologists for zillionaires

It remains to be seen what kind of deal Obama will be able to wrestle out of the House this year or next, but in the meantime billionaire investor Warren Buffet paddles the spoiled rich with a vengeance in the NYT. Billmon follows up with up a salient point where upon the GOP toys with throwing their mildly affluent base under the bus in favor of Kochwhores. First an excerpt from Buffet’s op-ed, which I highly recommend should be read in its entirety, titled Stop Coddling the Super Rich: [Read more…]

Meet the Methanogens

Most Americans are emerging bleary-eyed from a tryptophan induced coma today and grudgingly marching back to work after a glorious extended weekend. In this twittering multimedia digital world many stories compete for a slot on our rested minds. The scary looming fiscal cliff and backroom dealings in DC that might fail to ease us down its gentle slope, the political back-and-forth back stabbing continues unabated as Republicans wrestle with ballot box defeat and Democrats continue to come out of the decades long reflexive crouch. It would be easy to miss what could turn out to be the most important story of the season. Right now its mere speculation over tantalizing hints, past and present, centered not on the third rock from the sun, but a more enigmatic planet, the fourth world out. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover may have found something interesting in the arid frozen soil of the Red Planet. Right now the smart money is on a substance called methane. [Read more…]