Old man McCain may have finally gone around the bend

It’s not clear what the WH thought filling Huckleberry and Crusty in on the gaping holes in their vague Obama conspiracy claims over Benghazi would accomplish. It was clear that no matter what was presented it would only be fodder for both Senators’ deep desire to avoid a Teaparty primary challenge*. But this brainless quip may really suggest McCain doesn’t have many reliable synapses left:

TPM — “Under what circumstances? Why was reference to al qaeda left out? There are so many things that have happened. The interesting things finally, we knew in hours of all the details when we got bin laden, they making a movie out of it and we are ten weeks later and finally our ambassador to the united nations who appeared on every national sunday show is now saying that she gave false information concerning how this tragedy happened as far as the spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video.”

The “false info” was the cautious bullet point given to Rice by the CIA to present to the nation. The CIA initial assesment either 1) turned out to be wrong, or 2) they didn’t want the then still-at-large bad guys to know what we knew and who was working for us by presenting top secret raw intel gathered in one of the most sensitive places on earth on Meet the fuck’n Press.

As for the rest: how McCain thinks an offensive raid on bin Laden’s compound that was carefully planned for a year and rehearsed for months, with every secret gizmo and the most bad ass SEALs the US can put together to get the most wanted man in the world, compares to a surprise night assault on a consolate by suicidal terrorists is, quite simply, bizarre.


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    It’s like he just doesn’t get it – nobody’s really biting at this false scandal; Even Fox News is covering it in a fairly desultory way.

    He’s like a rat in a behavioral experiment bopping the treat dispenser button over and over, not comprehending that the button has been disconnected.

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    Dan, sorry if that was a little too obscure: Graham and McCain are both widely known as moderates within their party. That sounds like a healthy sign to me, and probably you too, it does strain the definition of moderate — but the GOP has gone off the hook over the last few years so for them, in their own party, it could be a fatal trait.

    Most of us speculate the election and now reelection of Obama has driven sizable hunks of the base clinically insane, at least in terms of their grip on political and factual reality. But for whatever reason, Graham in particular is vulnerable to a blindside from the right via Teaparty primary and sumarry execution in 2014, that’s his biggest threat by far. McCain might be vulnerable in 2016, plus he’s just turned into a huge sobbing dick, basically ever since Rove stuck a shiv in him back in the presidential 2000 primary.

    Plus the GOP big money doesn’t want McCain and Graham to be primaried, primarying strong, easily reelectable senators like those two is taking an unnecessary partisan risk, the GOP might well end up with a Christine McDonnel or a Todd Akin and hand a safe seat to the dems. And frankly, I don’t particularly want Graham and McCain primaried. There is an argument to be made that having nutcases run either pays off right away when the seat is handed over, or it pays off later when a nutcase gets in power and starts defunding planned paarenthood and waxing poetic about real vs fake rape or writing legislative love ballads to neoconfederate anti-immigrant radical separatists. But that’s a big risk, I think an argument can also be made it’s better just to play the odds, always vote for the least conservative candidate who has a shot of winning.

    Anyway, Graham and Mac both routinely fuck up by saying somehting halfway reasonable and realistic — they’re both huge camera hams — but that’s begging for a teaparty primary fight. That’s why they keep harping on Benghazi. To demo to the base that, hey, they hate Obanma too! Just as much as you triconer hat wearing patriots do! Maybe more!

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    McCain is the biggest two-faced fraud in the Senate. On the one side, he’s cultivated an excellent relationship with the media, mainly by never passing up an opportunity to appear on Meet the Press or any of the other Sunday talk shows. This gives him good press and a reputation as a serious statesman and the media gets a reliable guest who gives what appears to be sober (and usually wrong) foreign policy analysis.

    But his true is one of a petty, vengeful little old man. He never got over the way the Bush campaign tore him down in 2000 and he never got over losing in 2008 when it was finally supposed to be “his turn” to be president.

    Since then, he’s never passed up an opportunity to be a total dick to the White House.

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    I keep getting hung up on the man who nominated Sarah Palin to be VP feeling like he has a right to an opinion about the qualifications of a seasoned diplomat to be Secretary of State.

  5. StevoR says

    Old man McCain may have finally gone around the bend

    Really? I thought that had already happened a long time ago like when he choose Sarah Palin as his running mate or when he described the Adler planetarium as an overhead projector, surely?

    IOW, nearly five years ago now. Yikes.

  6. pixiedust says

    Just imagine how upset these two would be if the administration led us into a war by talking about non-existent weapons of mass destruction or mentioned suspect information on uranium during a major speech.

    Just imagine.

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    Most of us speculate the election and now reelection of Obama has driven sizable hunks of the base clinically insane, at least in terms of their grip on political and factual reality.

    New classification for the DSM: Borderline Politiconality Disorder.

    I don’t know as much about state and county politics in the U.S., but it seems to me that this kind of behavior is present on all levels.

    Anyways, StevoR, I agree, and was nearly successful, so he has just gone back to the same well without realizing the water is ‘unfit.’

  8. thisisaturingtest says

    McCain does realize, does he not, that we did the bin-Laden raid, so naturally we would know the details? But the fact that we didn’t (and still don’t) know all the details of an event that was directed by others against us shouldn’t be all that surprising.

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