Lots of states coming in now

OBAMA Called WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Results: CNN, NY Times, & Politico all have a great interactive state by state bitmap with results updating for each state when you mouse over.   • Poll Closing Times

10 PM CDT Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) picks up incumbant Senator Scott Brown’s (R) seat; Senator Claire McKaskill fights off Todd Legitimate-Rape Akin in MO

Teaparty has cost GOP Senate seats in Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, Delaware, and Nevada. GOP woulda won those if not for RWNJs.

Battleground states that are hugely important: NH, WI, PA, MN, and MI Obama!! Iowa too early to call; Nevada too early to call; Florida too close to call; OH still too close to call, NC (Rom), VA too close to call, CO too early to call


  1. katkinkate says

    I don’t trust those results. There has been so much electoral fraud problems regarding Reps destroying Dems votes and enrollments discovered, I wonder how much hasn’t been discovered and I mistrust the numbers. I can’t believe that many people could be taken in by that con-artist. How can people vote so obviously against their own best interest?

  2. says

    Because the GOP has done a really good job of investing in conservative talent and infrastructure, everything from vloggers to bloggers to full blown universities. This helps that side out a lot, in many, many ways, for just one small example, it creates a career path for my conservative counterparts that is unavailable to progressive bloggers like me.

  3. Alverant says

    Thanks for the link to cnn. As of right now Obama has the required votes to win. He’s still trailing in terms of the popular vote but 12 years ago I remember another president who lost the popular vote. If this wasn’t an Atheist blog, I’d say it was karma.

  4. F says

    How can people vote so obviously against their own best interest?

    Because they are also voting for things in their self-interest, some of which they are actually wrong about, and wrong already in the same way as the party, without being propagandized first. Also, in the same way one can vote for Obama, despite his continuation and expansion of atrocities, civil rights violations, erosion of other freedoms, corporate lapdoggery, and generally really culminating the rebirth of right-wing Democrats. Since a lot of people tend to be one or two -issue voters, all it takes is a couple of things on the platform that one agrees with, what the other platform does not.

    Actually, I sort of want to vomit right now.

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