President Obama is projected to win a second term! The only question now is how big the win will be. Florida and Virginia are both in play for the WH. There will be healthcare for all in a year and two months. The Teaparty has cost GOP Senate seats in Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, Delaware, and Nevada. Republicans would have won those and therefore the Senate if not for Teaparty nutcases.

Results: CNN, NY Times, & Politico all have a great interactive state by state bitmap with results updating for each state when you mouse over.


  1. Alverant says

    Obama is winning in FL by about 40k and winning in VA by about 10k. Iowa wasn’t really a contest (and as a native Iowan I’m happy about that). I also think I wore out the refresh button on my keyboard tonight. I admit, I was scared. Sometimes I think I give myself anxiety over little things is the euphroic feeling of relief when it’s over.

  2. Dago Red says

    It’s surprisingly looking a lot more like the McCain/Obama 2008 (360 to 180) election — going by projected electoral votes right now — than I would have ever thought it could be. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, Mittens!

  3. comfychair says

    Just heard Rmoney is going to contest results from Ohio. There may not be a concession speech tonight.

    Other than that, this is a very good day. Cherish it. Seriously.

  4. frankb says

    I guess those patches that the republicans put into the vote tabulators in Ohio didn’t help. Maybe that is why Romney is contesting Ohio, he thought the fix was in.

  5. Rob says

    Congratulations America. I sincerely hope it works out for you and that Obama does some good in his last term. We all need that to happen. I hope the Congress doesn’t fuck everything up again…

  6. lordshipmayhem says

    And now, despite Mittens leading all night long, the popular vote total is swinging to Obama, as the California (and Oregon and Washington) results continue to come in. Obama now leads the popular vote as well as the electoral college.

  7. machintelligence says

    A slight correction: there was no senate seat in play in Colorado this year. The Tea Party candidate lost 2 years ago. Colorado did do a major shift to the left, however, with Democrats almost guaranteed to retake the state house and retain control of the state senate. Plus the recreational mj amendment passed.

  8. F says

    Just heard Rmoney is going to contest results from Ohio.

    And reveal all the crap the Republicans have done to rig the system?

  9. anubisprime says

    Congrats to the Democrats and the rational.
    Best wishes to Obama…only three direct references to a sky fairy in his victory speech at the very end, so maybe even that nonsense is gradually being shifted to the margins of relevance.

    And against the odds maybe the rethugs will restructure the GOP apparatus, scuttle away from the loony fringed edges of insanity and end up with a ‘credible’ alternative next time.
    What they offered this time was a laughing stock, what an embarrassment, and apparently Mittens was the best of the bunch, you never know maybe that will tell them something in their inevitable postmortem on a loony tinged campaign….or perhaps not!

  10. Didaktylos says

    To use a metaphor from military history – 2010 was the GOP’s Manstein counteroffensive. 2012 was Kursk. Bagration 2014?

  11. Dago Red says

    ” If the economy roars back, like it seems poised to do, that will help a lot too.”

    …and more importantly than vindicating the Democrats (at least in my eyes)….this will hopefully vindicate the basics of Keynsian economic principles that have long become part of Econ 101 practiced in the vast majority of countries in this world, but remains liberal extremism here in the US, where Reaganomics/trickle-down/favor-the-rich-fuck-the-poor/free-market-stupidity economic voodoo still holds substantial sway, despite having no valid evidence of ever working.

  12. elpayaso says

    personally, i’m wishing i knew who the person was who shot that famous video of Rmoney sayin what he and his buds really felt, so i could buy that person dinner. i hope whoever it is takes great satisfaction in the fact that one person has done that much to change history. that was far from the only factor, but the naked face of greed and arrogance revealed there for most of the citizenry has to have really turned a few minds and stomachs

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