Herman Cain enters face/palm territory

Campaigns are exhausting, gaffes are easy to make. But when asked about China, responses like this don’t exactly shore up concerns over Cain’s foreign policy cred:

“Yes, they’re a military threat,” Cain said on the PBS NewsHour, in response to a question from Judy Woodruff. “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. So yes, we have to consider them a military threat.”

China successfully tested their first fission bomb in 1964 and their first hydrogen bomb in 1967. It is estimated they currently have around 200 active nukes.

Update from Feralboy12 in comments: “Not only that, but the communists are trying to overthrow Chiang Kai-Shek, our most valuable ally in the region.”


  1. says

    What do you expect him to do — label China an economic threat? That would mean admitting that Republican policies had made us vulnerable to them! Can’t have that, can we? Think of the children!

  2. VeritasKnight says

    Don’t tell Cain about Korea. I have a feeling he’ll side with MacArthur on the nuking China front.

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