New woman comes forward with sexual misconduct claims against Herman Cain

Update: Cain suspects former aide, now working for Rick Perry, of leaking sexual harassment stories.

And then there were three:

A third woman who used to work for the National Restaurant Association told the Associated Press that she considered filing a complaint against Herman Cain over what she described as “aggressive and unwanted behavior.”

An interesting dynamic is setting up on this deal. Cain’s Teaparty base is convinced it’s a political hit job (Probably), that the women are lying or being paid off (Unlikely at this point), and that Obama or his liberal media henchmen are behind it. That last part is laughable. Obama vs Cain in the general would be a cakewalk for democrats and an electoral catastrophe for conservatives. The funny part is Cain’s base is so insulated from reality that that fact can be openly dicussed far and wide without anyone ever worrying they’ll “catch on.”


  1. Vicki says

    One thing about Obama-Cain is that a lot of the racists would stay home, and the GOP needs those votes.

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