1. smhll says

    I keep thinking that the amount of money spent on participating in a war against Syria / Syrians could be better spent on humanitarian projects. We should deplore the use of poison gas, but not embrace the use of drones and bombs and bullets. And if 1400 people were killed in poison gas attacks, ‘colateraly’ killing, say, another 140 people does not erase ‘injustice’ or move the world closer to ‘justice’ IMO.

    Fewer people in the US and England (since I read English language media) seem to be “Yay! War! Let’s have some more war, please!” I hope the reality that war is cruel and terrible and hellish (and even expensive) gains more traction.

  2. says

    I was surprised but very pleased to find that the UK House of Commons voted against any action in Syria. Experience in Iraq (& in most other wars) suggests that any large scale military operation would probably lead to more civilian deaths in the short term, and even more in the long term unless the occupying force was willing to stay for decades.

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