Don’t kill them

Birds or little dinosaurs migrate for different reasons, temperature changes, seasonal fluctuations in food supplies, breeding needs etc.

Bar-tailed Godwit, the non-breeding migratory birds fly more than 11,000 kilometer non stop, from Alaska to New Zealand.

Brent Geese migrate from Siberia to Western Europe. They travel via White Sea and Baltic Sea.

This is arctic tern that flies from Britain to Australia. They fly more than 22,000 km during migration.

Talking. killing, possessing migratory birds is unlawful almost in every countries. But who cares! hunting and killing migratory birds are common everywhere. Hundreds of millions of birds get killed every year. Collisions with communication towers kill millions of birds. Windmills kill many. Every year trappers in Cyprus 1-million-migrating-songbirds-are-killed-for-pickled-dish-in-cyprus that are boiled or pickled – a national delicacy called ambelopoulia.Birds are killed for their feathers. selling in the black market Oil and gas kill them. Pesticides kill them. Men kill migratory birds for food. Boys kill them for fun. Millions of birds flying to Spain for the winter will be caught in traps, which glue the animals to the ground. There are hundreds of reasons why the population of the migratory birds has declined.

Greylag geese, mallards, teals, pochards, shovelers, wigeons, black cormorant, little grebe, darter, egret, heron and hundreds of thousands of species of migratory birds come to the Indian subcontinent every year. They come from Siberia, from South Africa. The number of migratory birds in many parts of the Indian subcontinent has been declined. Rapid urbanization and encroachment are the reasons for declining the migratory bird population. Birds that thrive in swampy wetlands face a higher risk. Commercial use of wetlands has affected the aquatic ecosystem. Many lakes are dried up. The condition of non-aquatic birds is not that bad. More bird sanctuaries and migratory bird conservation are needed.

Great white pelican


Common Crane.

Many migratory birds are not coming to the subcontinent anymore. Common cranes are not coming, Flamingos not coming.

People hunt and kill them. They sell migratory birds in India and Bangladesh. They eat them.

I tried, but I could not be proud of humans.


  1. monoranjandas says

    as human civilisation developing day by day,as evry action has its reaction automatically world is going to an they are fighting battle of existance but we are not,being human.shame shame….

  2. left0ver1under says

    The problem is more and more people adopt “tradition”, which leads to more and more people killing animals for food or “sport”, more people doing it and more mouths to feed. And yet, if human population is ever mentioned, the speaker will be accused of wanting euthanasia and genocide.

    We will never solve problems if we don’t address the source of them. That’s “source” singular, not “sources” plural.

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