Such a whiner

Congresswoman and nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene has been whining about how hard it is for her to live on her government salary of $174,000.

Earlier this week, the Republican representative from Georgia appeared on journalist Glenn Greenwald’s podcast and expressed concern about her congressional salary, which according to public records is $174,000 annually.

Greene told Greenwald: “Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here.

“It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it,” added Greene, who had previously owned a CrossFit affiliate gym in Georgia before being elected to Congress in 2020.

Additionally, Greene complained about the amount of time her congressional work consumes, saying: “The nature of this job, it keeps members of Congress and senators in Washington so much of the time, too much of the time … that we don’t get to go home and spend more time with our families, our friends … or maybe just be regular people because this job is so demanding. It’s turned into practically year-round.”

She’s surprised that her full-time job is year-round, like it is for pretty much any working stiff? Also the median income in Washington, DC is $93,000 so gets almost twice that. And members of Congress get a slew of other official perks, not to mention being wined and dined by lobbyists. And she’s still complaining about how tough her life is?

As many immediately pointed out, no one is forcing her to be in Congress. Even if you think your salary is not enough, presumably you are willing to be there because you want to be of service because that is what these political officeholders always keep saying telling us in their motivation. And if not, she can always resign or choose not to run again. But it is typical of privileged people to whine about being in a situation that they could easily leave and that many people would lbe perfectly willing to take their place.

But what is really rich is this little bit at the end of the article.

Greene – who has previously voiced support for the far-right conspiracy group QAnon and made racist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim remarks – also told Greenwald that people have harassed her since working on Capitol Hill.

The congresswoman said: “I have people come up to me and say crazy things to me out of the blue in public places that they believe because they read it on the internet or saw it on some news show about me.”

Greene was the person who, before she was elected to Congress, harassed two Parkland High School students while they were walking along the street, because they had been urging action on gun control in the wake of the mass shootings at their school that had resulted in the deaths of their friends.

Video of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg before she was elected to Congress went viral Wednesday amid an uproar over newly surfaced comments she made in 2018 and 2019 as reported by CNN’s KFile.

In the video from March 2019, Greene follows Hogg as he walks toward the US Capitol. She can be heard making false and baseless claims as she asks him a series of questions related to gun rights and how he was able to meet with senators. Hogg continues to walk without addressing Greene.

“He’s a coward,” Greene says at the end of the video as Hogg walks away, claiming his activism was funded by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is often the subject of far-right conspiracy theories, and other liberals. “He can’t say one word because he can’t defend his stance.”

Greene – who has previously called Hogg “#littleHitler” – said in a written statement to CNN that the video was taken while she was in Washington, “going from office to office in the Senate to oppose the radical gun control agenda that David Hogg was pushing.”

You can watch the video at the link.

Although she now says that used to make a lot of money before going to Congress, in the video (taken just before she ran for Congress) she cries poor and says that she has nothing but that the high school student has everything because he gets funding from George Soros and liberal groups. Of course, she provides no evidence to support such a claim.

These people are such whiners, unable to take what they are willing to dish out to others.


  1. larpar says

    “…it keeps members of Congress and senators in Washington…”
    Senators are members of Congress, and they meet in Washington D.C., and it’s a full time job.

  2. johnson catman says

    re larpar @2:

    it’s a full time job

    A job where she earns almost $500 for every day of the year. Plus the benefits, privileges, perks, holidays, etc. Plus all the lobbyist and reelection cash she can squirrel away. I am sure that there are a large percentage of people in this country that would gladly agree to live on such a pittance.

  3. StonedRanger says

    My fucking heart bleeds for her. Im out here trying to live on barely 900 a month on social security and this idiot cant live on 174 K a year. Eat my shorts MTG.

  4. says

    The inability to take what they dish out is why I focus on pulling the general human part from what they dish out to reflect back at them. The aggression implicit in harassment or disparaging bigoted political claims allows reciprocal response. When they move beyond empty disparaging language there will be no need to apply rational reciprocal pressure.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    The same politicians keep inventing cruel ways to make life even harder for the poorest, while enjoying perks like the socialised health care they deny their voters. To hell with them.

  6. says

    A useful feature is any claim about others that doesn’t get support is gossip. The concrete and specific links move it from gossip.

    Gossip is human and yet magas hate being told they are gossiping. I wish I could demand Trump himself back his gossip about antifascists up, because that is what the “antifa” stuff is. A gossip campaign about antifascists.

    And the ones conflating socialism/communism/… ignorantly and incompetently gossiping about government and economic systems. They hate it when I apply those specific words but the audience sees them fail, and they stop or get reported eventually because it’s true and my responses are reciprocal to their insults. They’d back themselves up if it were true.

  7. says

    She needs to put on her big girl pants and talk to the taxpayers who are paying her salary.

    I hope AOC gives her a hearty Nelson Muntz “Haw haw!” every time they pass in a hall.

  8. says

    So she made more than $174k/year before becoming a member of Congress? Given the constant flow of insanity coming out of her mouth, this stands as proof positive that the USA is not a meritocracy.

    If the Dems and independents are smart, they’ll plaster her state with billboards stating she claims she can’t live on $174k/year, can you?

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