Capturing an alligator

This video shows the capture of an alligator roaming in the driveway of a home in South Carolina. [I’ve updated the video to one that shows more of how they did it.]

I am assuming that the two women who did this are professionals who work for the animal control department who know what what they are doing and that this is their preferred method. But wrestling and pinning an alligator seems highly dangerous to me, more so than using a trash can the way that a Florida man did.


  1. StonedRanger says

    Ive never tried to capture an alligator, but Im pretty sure the preferred method is one that does not result in the person getting bit. Approaching from the rear is safer because the gators dont have all that great field of vision to the rear.

  2. jrkrideau says

    two women who did this are professionals

    Oh definitely There was a cut in the video but they looked very smooth. They had done this before.

    but wrestling and pinning an alligator seems highly dangerous to me

    And me too but it’s not our job, merci à la bon Dieu.

    As a boy I occasionally had to deal with an annoyed bull. Dangerous. yes but it was something I had learned about one way or another from the time I was 10. By the time, at 15 or so and I had this somewhat agitated bull to deal with, I understood the issues. Still terrified but I had a good idea of how to handle the situation.

    Alligator? Run screaming for help.

  3. tuatara says

    The three-person team in the first video performed the capture perfectly. The key when capturing alligators and crocodiles is to minimise stress in the animal. They have explosive power but they rapidly accumulate lactic acid which if excessive can cause them to die. The more they struggle the greater the risk to their welbeing.

    What you are not seeing in the video is how they have neutralised the alligators jaws using a noose. Alligators and crocodiles have a vice-like closing grip but are very weak when it comes to opening their jaws. Once the jaw is secured, laying on top of the animal induces it to stop struggling (after its initial “fight or flight” raction when the teo women are nearly thrown off). Covering of the eyes is a technique that can also help the animal to destress.

    The second guy is an idiot. He has a very angry and stressed animal that a slip while trying to lift the bin would have spilled out right in front of him. But for a bit of luck he managed to contain it. Wrangling a 2m crocodillian on your own is not very smart unless you like gambling with your limbs.

    The professional team of three minimised risk to not only themselves but also the animal. They should be paid well and congratulated.

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