Stephen Colbert gives an impassioned monologue

He talks about what is going on right now as Trump and his lackeys stoke fear and racism during the RNC convention. He shows how the Kenosha police department was in league with the heavily armed white militia that went to Kenosha. The murderer who killed two people and injured a third was one of those people and the police just ignored him as he walked towards them, even though people were yelling that he had just killed a man.

So to sum up: an unarmed black man who has not committed any crime can be shot multiple times in the back and killed by the police as he walks away, but a heavily armed white man who has just killed someone will be ignored by the police even as he walks towards them.

This is Trump’s America.

Here is Colbert letting loose.


  1. consciousness razor says

    the heavily armed white militia that went to Kenosha.

    A “militia”? No. They’re not engaged in any kind of military service. They’re not irregulars levied to fight alongside our army or its reserves or anything of the sort. They do pretend like they’re a kind of law enforcement, but that is only part of the pretend-world they think they live in, not ours, because there’s nothing official about them and they were not enforcing laws.

    It’s a “gang.” Many wouldn’t even count as “mercenaries,” because that would imply enough of an organizational structure for somebody else to have hired them for this “job”…. They’re just random thugs with a political agenda, who are doing this thuggish gangster shit out of the goodness of their own hearts.

    If it were the case that Kenosha city/county or the state of Wisconsin or the United States had actually formed a militia for some absurd reason,* then would they put child soldiers in it? Maybe, but I’d like to think that the people who allowed it would be forced out of office immediately and have charges raised against them.

    * Maybe because the police and military were already too busy murdering other people somewhere else.


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