War crimes! Crimes against humanity! People held hostage! In California!

That was the charge made by a group of people outside a store in Orange County, CA that is near Los Angeles.

A group of women have been dubbed ‘a wild pack of Karens’ after they staged an anti-mask rally outside a California supermarket.

Video shared to social media on Saturday shows the small group of activists outside Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa, California after managers locked the doors to the store in order to keep them out.

The women became enraged by the fact that they were unable to shop without wearing face masks, with one even accusing Mother’s Market of committing ‘war crimes’.

The video begins with one woman standing at the closed doors of the store as she complains: ‘I don’t know what country I’m in. I thought I was in the United States!’

Another woman says the incident is ‘worse than communism’.

Several other anti-mask demonstrators can be seen in the background waving American flags, while one woman brandishes a sign that says mask-wearing is ‘child abuse’.

An anti-masker narrating the video states: ‘They [managers] have locked their doors. They are keeping customers hostage inside their store.’

‘People are being denied access to food!’ she then declares.

‘And water!’ another demonstrator can be heard chiming in.

‘The citizens of United States are being denied access to food. This is a war crime! This is crimes against humanity happening right now at Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa!’ the narrator continues.

The video ends with police arriving on the scene. The cops were presumably called by the store managers after the group refused to leave the outside of the supermarket.

The Orange County Register reports that two women were subsequently arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

These people were being denied food and water that could only be had inside that particular store? Oh, the horror! I had to laugh when I listened to the person narrating the video trying to imply that this was on a par with real war crimes.

It should be noted that these ‘ordinary people’ seem to carry flags and signs around with them when they go grocery shopping. There were apparently only about five of them but because of their actions, a lot of other people, genuine shoppers, could not get in or out, a nuisance no doubt but hardly the Crime of the Century.

For some context, Orange County was for the longest time a Republican stronghold, so much so that Ronald Reagan once declared that it was the place that “all the good Republicans go to die.” As the state as a whole shifted Democratic, Orange County still held as the last bastion of Californian Republicanism but finally, in the 2018 mid-term elections, all seven congressional district in the county went Democratic, a wipeout that is being viewed as an indicator that the party is now dead in the state. Indeed, Republicans now rank third in voter registration, behind Democrats and Independents.

But these five people are proudly keeping the Republican flag flying!


  1. johnson catman says

    What a bunch of privileged assholes. Obviously, the world revolves around them. Their right to endanger other people is way more important than the right of all those other people who are doing their best to stick to the guidelines. (/s)

  2. Matthew Currie says

    We’ve seen signs for years saying “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” and presumed that it’s a business’s right to say that. Everyone, including conservatives, should make a big noise about the hypocrisy of suddenly declaring that businesses cannot set their own requirements. Want to bet those same people supported the bakery that refused to sell a cake for a gay wedding? Want to bet they supported Hobby Lobby’s claim to exemption from state health insurance for birth control?

    I suppose it’s fruitless to expect the best of even supposedly moderate conservatives, but they ought to speak up in unison and accuse those stupid people of what they’re actually guilty of here -- as soon as things stop going their way, they turn into communists.

  3. Marja Erwin says

    At first, I thought these war crimes might involve firing chemical weapons at protesters and medics, destroying wheelchairs, or firing dangerous disinfectants into crowded cells in the concentration camps…

    But, no, they’re *trying to stop the plague*.

  4. says

    @Matthew Currie
    Indeed, it’s a strange turn. They used to be all about the rights of property owners. Suddenly, they’re demanding access to a private property. Also, they’re justifying their claim on another person’s property by appealing to the needs of the people… while also complaining about communism.

    It’s almost as if they’re just full of shit.

  5. Jean says

    Complaining about war crimes while promoting their right to kill others. Of course they don’t believe they will kill people if they don’t wear a mask but they’re too stupid to understand that’s what they do if they’re wrong and if the intelligent people are wrong you only have the small inconvenience of wearing a mask for nothing.

    That trade off of killing others vs small inconvenience depending on who’s wrong should be enough to shut up any opposition to mask wearing requirements. But it doesn’t because … FREEDOM!?!

  6. says

    Maybe six weeks ago I was waiting outside a Verizon store in Strongsville, Ohio, when a man started complaining that being made to wait outside was worse than communist China.

    I asked him when he was last in in that country and he admitted he’d never been outside the United States but that didn’t matter.

    My reply was that I had spent a bit of time in that country in 1978 and that he should believe me when I said that this was nothing like China.

    He gave me a cold stare and went back to his car.

  7. bmiller says

    When did sheer and utter irrationality become such a thing in the United States? These people are just nuts. ‘

    Where are Trump’s secret private goons when we need them to hustle these women into a waiting black SUV?

  8. jenorafeuer says

    There’s an article I just saw recently about how the whole conspiracy theorist mindset has been going all out during the pandemic what with so many people at loose ends and starved of their usual social connection, and it’s only getting worse, in large part because of Facebook’s ‘you may also be interested in…’ algorithms being such a useful tool for radicalization:
    How QAnon rode the pandemic to new heights — and fueled the viral anti-mask phenomenon
    Really, the anti-intellectual cult in the U.S. has been ramped up over the last few generations to keep people as ‘useful idiots… and the Tea Party was the start of the ‘useful idiots’ taking over from the people who thought they had been in control of the mob.

  9. jrkrideau says

    @ bmiller
    When did sheer and utter irrationality become such a thing in the United States?

    I am reading an interesting book, Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History by Kurt Anderson. It looks like sheer and utter irrationality started early and is still building. I am only up to Raygun Ronnie so it may get even more interesting by the time I hit Trump.

  10. Holms says

    Yet you can bet that this same crowd would be defending a business that decided to bar entry to gay people.

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