Trump’s appeals for money get even more pathetic

I am really enjoying being on Trump’s mailing list. I have mentioned before about how the emails I get from the Trump campaign are rather stupid. The latest one from his daughter-in-law Lara Trump is really quite pathetic since they seem to be resorting to the kinds of fund-raising tactics that one adopts when people are not that willing to support you.


I need to ask you something.

Why haven’t you entered to win a chance to meet President Trump yet?

The President saw the list of Patriots who have already entered and he noticed that your name was MISSING.

He asked me to reach out to you because he REALLY wants to meet you and he can’t imagine having anyone else there with him.

Don’t forget, if you win:

  • We’ll cover your flight
  • We’ll make sure you have a very nice place to stay
  • You’ll get to bring a guest of your choice
  • You’ll get VIP ACCESS
  • And, you’ll even get to take a photo together.

All you have to do is contribute $42 by 11:59 PM TONIGHT and you’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE trip to meet President Trump.

If he “REALLY wants to meet [me] and he can’t imagine having anyone else there with him”, then he will have to do better that resort to the old lottery scam, since I cannot imagine that a notorious welsher reneger on debts is really going to pony up the money for this.

My demands for a meeting with him remain firm: Guaranteed prepaid flights to and from Washington, hotel accommodations, and lunch at a Mexican or Thai restaurant. Take it or leave it, Donald.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … contribute $42 …

    Does anybody else hear a whirring sound coming from the grave of Douglas Adams?

  2. John Morales says

    Not directly related, but only saps could accept that paying $$$ for something means that something is free.

  3. publicola says

    I would love to know the average I.Q. of all those who sent in 42 bucks. It has got to be stunningly, abysmally low. Drink the Kool-Aid kids--you’re a-goin’ to heaven!

  4. ardipithecus says

    If Trump wanted to meet me that badly, he could look up my address on the voters list and drop by. I wouldn’t let him in, though, if he didn’t call first so I could make sure I wasn’t home.

  5. Ridana says

    he REALLY wants to meet you and he can’t imagine having anyone else there with him.

    And yet after all this time, and all these emails, he still can’t remember your name. Sad.
    If he doesn’t want to meet with anyone else, why doesn’t he just invite you over instead of risking the terrible disappointment of someone else winning? When he wants to meet with JarJar, does he hold a lottery among his staff and cabinet and hope JarJar wins?
    But the fact that he doesn’t want anyone else there when you meet sounds pretty sketchy to me. Even if he met your demands, I think it’s too dangerous for you to accept. >.>

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