John Oliver on the coronavirus

It turns out that the building that his studio and offices are in has been shut down because some people tested positive for the virus and so he had to tape this week’s show in a different room without an audience. He has good advice for people about what sources of information to trust about the virus and what to do (Infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC) and what not to trust (Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh) and not to pass on unverified information on social media. Jane Lytvynenko is maintaining a running link of all the fake stories that are circulating on the internet.

Oliver also points out that this is a time for showing solidarity and concern for others. It is at times like this that the mettle of a nation is tested and we shall see how we fare.

IIn the meantime, last evening the Federal Reserve slashed its interest rates yet again so that it is now close to zero. Trump said this move made him “very happy”, no doubt thinking that it would boost the stock market. But that did not stop the stock market from tanking about 13% today which no doubt made Trump very sad. The Dow Jones Index ended at 20,189, well below the record high of 29,568 of just a month ago and a mere 350 points above the 19,826 level it was at when Trump took office, which I think is the point at which Trump will really go nuts and start smashing things in the Oval Office. Of course, even though he took credit for the stock market when it rose, he will deny responsibility when it falls because anything positive is because of him and nothing that goes bad is ever his fault. That’s just how he rolls.


  1. mastmaker says

    Ah……I was going to say that, Mano. It looks he (and his followers) think that he is God and Dems are Satan. Anything good comes from Donnie and anything bad is because of Dems……Biblical logic recreated.

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