Conservative whining about social media

Samantha Bee takes on the whining by conservatives that they are being restricted on social media when in fact sites such as Facebook bend over backwards to accommodate them. The clip also shows the extraordinary amount of time and attention Donald Trump pays to the minutiae of social media metrics. His superficiality knows no bounds.


  1. says

    I suspect it’s a lot like their whining about “liberal bias” in the media. That worked and most major media are terrified of not presenting “both sides” even when one side is clearly full of shit, so why not try something similar with social media?

  2. jrkrideau says

    Now if you want to be shut out of Social Media just put the word Iran in tweet. A number of Canadians had this happen after the shooting down of the airplane at Tehran.

  3. sinned34 says

    Tabby said it exactly. This is them working the refs AND trying to convince their followers that they’re truly the ones being discriminated against.

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