1. lochaber says

    I’ve long had really mixed feelings about gun control. More recently I’ve been leaning strongly towards the “ban them all” camp, because clearly Americans aren’t responsible enough to handle an uncapped sharpie, let alone high powered semi-automatic rifles. I think what bugs me the most is there is absolutely no penalties for irresponsible behavior and unsafe handling of firearms. Some jackass in walmart fumbles their concealed carry while trying to get their wallet out, and ends up with a negligent discharge injuring the cashier or another customer, and they walk away. repeatedly. They damned near ended someone’s life, and face no repercussions whatsoever. That’s wrong, bad, and just in general fucked up..

    That said, I’m anticipating a steep and sudden rise in right-wing terrorism if/when we can elect someone to replace our current president, or maybe even get him impeached. I’m wondering if we are going to need to resurrect something like the old-school Black Panther party and form leftist militias to protect our own. Because the police sure as hell aren’t going to protect them…

  2. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    @2: Welcome to the Left’s ambivalence!

    I personally agree with Chomsky that we have to try to fight for sanity. If in the future we need guns for revolution, that is just one more crime we need to commit. The point of regulation is to try to stop some abusive jackass from flipping out and buying a gun in 24 hours, not to try to stop a totally dedicated individual.

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