Cracks in evangelical support for Trump

The fallout over the editorial in the evangelical magazine Christianity Today calling the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump continues with an editor from another publication The Christian Post resigning after the magazine decided that they would write an editorial in support of Trump.

Evangelical support for US President Donald Trump is back in the spotlight after the resignation of a leading journalist for Christian Post magazine.

Journalist Napp Nazworth’s departure follows an op-ed from another Christian outlet calling for Mr Trump’s removal.

On Monday, journalist Napp Nazworth announced he was “forced to make the difficult decision to leave The Christian Post”.

Mr Nazworth – a political editor and near 10-year veteran of the Christian magazine, whose Twitter biography includes the hashtag #NeverTrump – said the publication “decided to publish an editorial that positions them on Team Trump”.

He continued: “I can’t be an editor for a publication with that editorial voice.”

While many evangelicals are die-hard Trumpists because of his shameless pandering on abortion, guns, Israel, and appointing of right-wing judges, others are clearly uncomfortable with his lying and generally boorish behavior. They fear that having the evangelical movement identify so closely with him is not going to end well for them.

Former megachurch pastor and evangelical author Joshua Harris said in a recent interview that he believes some of the massive support President Trump has enjoyed from the evangelical community has been “incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church.”

Harris, an influential evangelical teacher and writer during the late 1990s and up until he announced he’d abandoned his faith earlier this year, added that having “a leader like Trump I think is in itself part of the indictment” of Christians.

Trump depends on rock-solid evangelical support. That Trump and his advisors see these developments as ominous can be seen in his decision to ditch the liberal church in Florida that he used to attend and where he had his latest marriage and attend an evangelical one instead.

This controversy within the evangelical movement should not be dismissed as a minor internal disagreement that will end up with the dissidents returning to the fold or being too few to matter, I think there are signs that Trump’s increasingly reckless and deranged behavior is going a little too far for even some evangelical supporters.


  1. Matt G says

    If there are tens of millions of committed, conservative Christians who abhor DT on moral grounds, and tens of millions who adore him on moral grounds, where is this “objective morality” I keep hearing about? Christian morality is a joke.

  2. mastmaker says

    @Matt #1,
    Morality of all religions is a joke. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have prosperity gospel where Christ (supposedly) preached poverty and humility. Nor ‘family’ & ‘marriage’ centered christianity where Jesus preached I came to pit father against son and brother against brother and Paul preached ‘it is better for a man not to marry’. You wouldn’t have billionaire run Saudi Arabia where Islam preaches the importance of charity & humility. You wouldn’t have Militant Hindus preaching tolerance and peace. Religion allows almost any psychopath to preach whatever he/she wants in the name of ‘their’ religion and claim that they alone are privy to its truth.
    Organized religion invented brainwashing techniques which were then perfected by communism and released back into wild for use by any religion as they please.

  3. lanir says

    It’s really difficult to say what will cause a break with believers. I would have thought knowing that they were literally funding a pedophile protection service in many cases would have made a real impact but it seems to have barely caused a ripple. I mean that’s beyond just knowing people you trusted were involved in raping juveniles, they got their believers personally involved by having them pay for it.

    By the same token, the Trump administration’s well documented treatment of immigrant children also goes against everything the supposedly family focused christians care about. A real stand for the values they like to talk about should have happened while this was coming out.

    Recent revelations of corruption and lying are wrong and illegal of course, but when compared to the core values they like to be associated with these seem to be fairly weak sauce for evangelicals. It might be the last straw for some but I just have a hard time visualizing this as the breaking point for too many of them. Then again I don’t claim to understand their viewpoint so maybe they’re just uniquely dishonest or uniquely bad at saying what’s really important to them as a group.

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