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    Women like tough guys, rule-breakers, risk-takers.

    Bullshit. Each woman has her own preferences, and those vary a lot. Not every woman is looking forward to visiting her tough, risk-taking partner in a hospital. Personally, I see some types of risk-taking as plain stupid, and a risk-taking boyfriend could potentially endanger also my own safety and peace of mind. Then again, I’m queer, so I cannot really use myself as an example here. But I do personally know women who prefer responsible guys who don’t take pointless and unreasonable risks.

    I don’t like cartoons that propagate stereotypes and imply uniformity among all the members of some group. There is no uniformity among a population as large and diverse as “women.”

    I too am like Pig and do not have a protective case.

    I see protective cases as a means of extending your phone’s service life. I have been using my current phone for years, and I plan to keep on using it for a while. Therefore, of course, it has a protective case. Oh well, apparently I’m not a risk-taker. At least I get to call myself a “rule-breaker,” although this one comes naturally and is pretty much inevitable when being queer. Not that any of this matters when dating.

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