College democrats urge boycott of DCCC

The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) announced recently that they would boycott all vendors who worked with any candidate who challenged a Democratic party incumbent. This move at protecting incumbents, however bad they are like Dan Lipinksi, was seen as an attempt by the party leadership to protect their power that was being challenged by the new young progressives some of whom, like Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got into Congress by challenging long-term incumbents. Now the DCCC itself is being boycotted by some college Democratic groups who are angered by this move.

YOUNG DEMOCRATS AT 31 colleges across the country are boycotting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over its decision to cut off vendors working for primary challengers.

The students also call out the DCCC for releasing the vendor rule alongside diversity standards it will hold vendors to. They cite Pressley, who said that Democrats “cannot credibly lay claim to prioritizing diversity & inclusion when institutions like the DCCC implement policies that threaten to silence new voices and historically marginalized communities.”

Alienating young people is not a good strategy for any party.


  1. Sam N says

    Is there anyone who isn’t wealthy that likes the DCCC? No need for me to boycott them, I already detest that organization. But maybe late 30s is considered younger…

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