The danger to golf spectators

I have mentioned before my surprise that spectators at golf tournaments will line up at places where an errant shot could cause a serious injury. The relative scarcity of such injuries is a testament to the expertise of top golfers who rarely hit wild shots, though it can happen even with world class golfers.

But in the video below, a golfer is seen hitting two consecutive shots off the tee into almost the same spot in the crowd, injuring people. It looks almost deliberate, a suspicion accentuated by the fact that she did not go over to the first person she hit to make sure she was ok. But surely no one would do such a thing deliberately?


  1. sonofrojblake says

    Why not? If I went and stood inside a boxing ring to get a better view, don’t I deserve to deal with whatever comes my way?

  2. fentex says

    That’s someone losing their concentration and control of their movements (golf is all about keeping your concentration) -- it looks a little deliberate because her timing is way off with her body turning to the crowd before the ball is hit.

    It is silly for people to stand there -- people get killed by hits to the head from golf balls and it’s why groups playing golf always trail the player furthest from the hole -- so that no one’s ahead of a shot being played.

  3. Matt G says

    I saw a guy get hit in the back with a golf ball while walking to the next tee. I don’t know enough about golf etiquette to know who was at fault.

  4. fentex says

    It was likely his own fault for moving ahead of the player -- that particular set of events is the most common way for people to be killed (by golf balls) playing golf. Don’t walk ahead of some one hitting a ball -- especially when they’re teeing off.

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