The gutting of net neutrality and Omarosa’s ‘Bye, Felicia’ moment

Seth Meyers discussed the two issues.

Then Trevor Noah of The Daily Show pitched in.

Both of them picked up on the ‘Bye, Felicia’ line from ABC News anchor Robin Roberts. I had heard the phrase many times before and knew that it signified dismissive glee at someone’s departure but did not know its origins. I looked it up and it appears that it originated in the film Friday and, according to co-script writer Ice Cube, it is the phrase used “to get anyone out of your face”.

If Omarosa expects to be welcomed back into the black community, she is in for a rude awakening since they, especially black women, seem to be giving her the collective finger. And it is not just liberals. Apparently the White House has given the green light to black conservatives and Trump supporters that it is ok to attack her.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman was out this week leading to mockery from the left. However, people of color on the right were eager to attack too. And according to at least one black conservative, the White House gave the green light.

“Yeah, they told us to take the gloves off,” admitted Ayshia Connors, former deputy director of African American Political Engagement at the Republican National Committee. “They wanted us to share our experience. I mean, in my experience when I was at the RNC, and when other black conservatives that were establishment folks were trying to engage her and trying to do black outreach, we were blocked. We were shut out. So, now that she went on and was talking about what her experience was in the White House and how uncomfortable she was, we got the OK to go ahead and express our stories.”

The other conservatives on the panel corroborated that the White House had given the go-ahead, but they were reluctant to go on the attack.

Why? It appears that people in the Trump administration fear that now that she has been kicked out, the attention-seeking Omarosa may try to attack her White House rivals (but not her erstwhile patron Donald Trump personally) and are pre-emptively trying to discredit her.

Such is the soap opera that is the current American presidency.

Meanwhile, bye Felicia!

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