Fact and fiction about immigration

Seth Meyers exposes all the myths surrounding the issue of immigration and the border wall.

For more on the Muslim Welsh school teacher accompanying students on a trip to the US who was denied entry, see here where he describes his treatment by US officials in Iceland where the tour had gone first on its way to the US.

“Iceland was amazing,” said Miah. But the problems started at Keflavík international airport near Reykjavik where the party was catching their plane on to the US.

“I gave one of the American officials there my passport. My first name is Mohammed. It felt as if straight away she looked up and said: ‘You’ve been randomly selected for a security check.’

“Deep down I thought: ‘Here we go’ but I was polite and followed all the instructions. She took me into this room. There were five or six other officials. Two of them checked me. They made me take my jacket off, my hoodie off, they opened my bag, I took my shoes off. They made me stand on a stool. They rubbed me all the way down. They even pulled my trousers down to check my boxers. They rubbed their hands under my feet. They got a swab and wiped me all over. Eventually they let me go through.”

On board the Icelandair plane, Miah, who has a first-class degree from Swansea University, helped the eight boys he was in charge of to settle. “I could see out of the corner of my eye an American official coming towards me. She asked: ‘Are you Mohammed Miah? You need to come with me.’ She took me to the front of the plane and escorted me off. She said: ‘I’ve just received a phone call. You are not allowed to go to New York and you are not allowed to be on this plane.’”

So while a young teacher who just happens to be Muslim and seems to be quite exemplary is denied entry, the US lets toxic Britishers like Milo Yiannopolous and Piers Morgan come and go freely.

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