Avoid eye contact with this statue

What would you do if you encountered in a public space a statue of a head that was enclosed by a glass case that had a sign warning you to not to look into its eyes? Would you look anyway? Some people were intrigued enough to do just that and this video shows what happens.

This art work titled No Eye Contact Allowed was created by Norwegian artist Erik Pirolt and is on display in Kristiansand, Norway

(Via Mark Frauenfelder.)


  1. StevoR says

    I’ve heard of getting “moist eyed” but that’s ridiculous!

    (Not sure if it belongs in an art gallery or an episode of that Punkd TV show but still.)

  2. Johnny Vector says

    “Wet Paint”

    Or my favorite, a big pushbutton switch wired across the prongs of an AC power plug, left plugged in and labeled “Fuse Blower. Press Here.”

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