What women (voters) want

Sometimes I think that by not watching TV, I am missing a lot of unintentional humor. I then think that maybe I should watch TV more, but fortunately the fever quickly passes. Luckily, The Daily Show keeps me up to date on the silliness, like the recent ad campaign that the GOP is releasing targeting women voters.

The Daily Show
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(This clip aired on October 8, 2014. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post. If the videos autoplay, please see here for a diagnosis and possible solutions.)


  1. Mobius says

    If I were a woman, I would find the Republican wedding dress commercial very insulting.

    Heck, as a human being I find the commercial very insulting.

  2. otrame says

    I don’t watch much commercial TV myself these days but really? “He reads my emails?” They think that is a big thing for WOMEN? (Men obviously have better control of their emotions. They don’t like it but… well, they can deal) I loved the “He thinks all I care about is free birth control”.

    Other than those two oblique references to issues (with out a sign that anyone involved in the processes, from Republican strategist to ad execs to voters, have any interest in what those two issues are actually about), they think that women do not care for oh, say, other kinds of health care, or maybe jobs, or, education, or I don’t know, fixing a couple of bridges before they collapse (while providing some jobs) or even, getting our entire frigging police departments retrained and back under some control so our whole damned country doesn’t look quite so much like Alabama in 1930.

    As an older woman I find myself reminded from time to time how much worse things were for women when I was younger. I say things like “I know they seem pretty bad now, and they are and I am not saying the fight is near over. But things are better. They really are. A little.” But those two commercials are a damned good argument that I am completely wrong.

    I’m depressed.

  3. ludicrous says

    That Kristen, John’s guest in this clip is terrific, haven’t seen her before. She has it down, every move and expression.

  4. jimmyfromchicago says

    The Daily Show really should use Kristen more. She is a very funny woman.

    I’m with you, Mano. Other than clips on Stewart or Colbert, I can’t even remember the last time I watched television news. I get my news from the New York Times, the local papers, NPR, and blogs. You need to get your news from a mix of sources and to be skeptical of what you read or hear. TV news is not a necessary part of that mix because it’s superficial unless it’s focusing on trivialities (Monicagate) or purposefully trying to get its audience angry (Benghazi). You can watch a half hour of television news (especially cable news) and get very little or no actual information.

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