‘A Room For Death’ Card trick

I love seeing card tricks. As someone whose small motor skills are pretty poor, it delights me to see the dexterity with which these magicians handle cards, making them move around in complex ways using just one hand. The catch with watching videos of card tricks is that you can never be sure that you are not seeing editing tricks instead of actual card tricks. But assuming that there is no such funny business going on here, this is a pretty good one.


  1. corwyn says

    Hint (rot13):

    Gur sbhe bs urnegf unf n onpx jvgu gur npr bs fcnqrf ba vg (engure guna n onpx)

  2. Henry Gale says

    Corwyn’s hint helped me figure it out.

    --Mild Spoiler--

    Pay close attention to the 4 of hearts. Especially the move at the very end when he shows the backs.

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