Some worthy causes needing support

1. Homeopathy petition

Readers may recall Deepak Gupta in India who asked for help in producing a documentary debunking homeopathy, a practice that has quite a following in India. He said that he received a good bit of support thanks to that appeal and has been able to complete the project. It is in post-production and should be released soon.

He has also started a petition calling on the Indian government top stop using public funds to support homeopathic institutions. When governments do that, they lend credibility to these phony treatments. He is encouraging people to sign the petition.

2. Secular Student Week April 29-May 6

The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) is a group that helps organize and sustain secular student groups around the country, which are rapidly increasing in number. They have an annual fundraising week to raise consciousness and of course money and it starts next Monday. The donations page is here.


  1. slc1 says

    Why pick on India? The practice of homeopathy is still financially supported by the British medical system.

  2. intergalacticmedium says

    An injustice is an injustice no matter what it’s location, pointing it out in a particular place hardly implies that it is a greater problem there than in other places. You’re such a contrarian it’s silly.

  3. Anonymous Atheist says

    Um, so nobody should ever take any country-focused action? A guy who lives in a country with problematic practices, is engaged in activism to encourage changing those practices in his home country. He’s ‘picking on’ it because it’s the one he lives in. There are plenty of skeptics who live in the UK who are engaged in UK-focused action.

  4. Mano Singham says

    That’s easy to answer. Deepak Gupta asked me for help in getting the word out and so I did.

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