1. says

    When I think how many people died over those silly little doctrinal differences I realize how fortunate I am to be born at this particular time in human history.

  2. left0ver1under says

    The short explanation of the difference between catholics and protestants:

    The catholics use guilt and fear to coerce obedience.

    The protestants use “pray and be forgiven” to rationalize any behaviour.

  3. lorn says

    The good news is that doctrines have the most passionate feuds with the groups just slightly different from their own. Catholics and Protestants went at killing and maiming each other for hundreds of years. Seems the same with Muslims where no matter Sunni and Shea seem to get along they are just one good spark away from ripping each other a new one.

    The other good news is that once the two sides have mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted each other, to the point where they start dragging firebrands out of the pulpit who suggest anther round of fighting, they tend to become much less bloody sure of the rightness of their arguments and much more tolerant and circumspect.

    After a preacher admitted privately that the Bible is full of contradictions and nonsense I asked why he still studied it. His claim was he clung to the Bible because ‘even though it doesn’t provide many answers, it is what we have to work with’. Which struck me as being pretty close to being agnostic.

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