Alfred Hitchcock

I am a fan of Alfred Hitchcock films and so was intrigued by news of the film Hitchcock that centers around the time he made the classic Psycho. It has just been released, to mixed reviews unfortunately, despite the presence of excellent actors Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Here’s the trailer.

Another film about Hitchcock was also released recently called The Girl that shows another, unpleasant side of the director, which was his reportedly vindictive and controlling behavior and his abusive way towards women, especially the actress Tippi Hedren who says he treated her badly when she refused his sexual advances. She acted in The Birds and Marnie. Here’s the trailer for that film.

We all know that Hitchcock makes brief cameo appearances in his films. Some of them can be very fleeting and easy to miss. He appeared as just a silhouette in Family Plot and in Lifeboat he appears as a drawing in a newspaper advertisement. Since all the action takes place in small lifeboat following a shipwreck, Hitchcock could obviously not pop up suddenly, unless he chose to appear as dead body floating by in the early scenes.

This fan of Hitchcock has compiled a sequence of just his cameo appearances from all but five of his films.

One thing I noticed is that Hitchcock’s own appearance hardly changed over the years. Even when he was a relatively young, he looked very similar to his mature years.

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