Orly foiled again

Three Republican state officials have unanimously ruled that Barack Obama’s name will be on the ballot in Kansas in November after all, frustrating birthers who had been hoping for a victory.

Our heroine Orly Taitz had gone to the hearing but her objections were overruled. She suspects that the three officials, although all Republicans, are under marching orders from, well, she doesn’t say who exactly, but presumably it is the Muslim/Kenyan/Communist cell that is plotting to take over the US once Obama is safely re-elected. She has a report on what transpired.

But Orly is never deterred and you can be sure that she will continue the fight against the establishment that is conspiring to hide the truth from the real patriots.

Go, Orly, go!


  1. Aliasalpha says

    Didn’t she have incontrovertible evidence to present? It seems Obama has completed construction of the Evidence Controvertafier, all evidence is DOOOOOOOOMED!

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