And for our next guest, we have an immature idiot

There are times when I actually feel sorry for Fox News, as in this case where Gretchen Carlson ends up interviewing an idiot. Doesn’t anyone screen these people? It’s bad enough that she has to listen to the co-hosts on either side of her spouting drivel day in and day out, does she have to endure her guests be like them too? Will no one show her any mercy?

It now appears that Fox News may have got punked.

Update: The guest Max Rice explains what happened, adding “I’ve always hated ‘Fox & Friends’ . . . Its so horrible for this nation, it’s so clearly fake. Now I know firsthand.”


  1. Psychopomp Gecko says

    Maybe now there’s a job opening for whoever it was that was supposed to screen someone for the interview. Awful lot of unemployed college grads out there.

    I don’t know, I think it works out well. I mean, sure, I’m worse off than I was four years ago when I was in the cradle of college, my meals and dorm paid for. Then I graduated and had to try and find a job in this economy, move in with my mom, and also take care of my grandfather while dealing with large student loan bills. However, I recognize that it’s not like the economy tanked on inauguration day, nor did the banks and insurance companies start doing all this risky stuff only while President Obama was in office.

    They want to trick college grads into comparing things now with how things were back when they were in school, but it’s not a valid comparison. Rather than compare President Obama to President Bush for the 2012 election, most of us are going to compare President Obama to candidate Romney and see which one better understands what it’s like to be a poor guy coming out of a college experience that involved gambling, smoking, drinking, partying, and other sins of the flesh.

    Plus, Fox is forgetting that those at-home college grads probably only have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act that they’re so willing to say is all Obama’s fault. Hey, I don’t agree with the President’s stance on drugs or some of his attempted compromises that get rejected anyway, unless Mitt Romney is saying he’ll pay to send me back to college (giving new meaning to the phrase “4 More Years!”) or pay off my loans, then he doesn’t have much reason to ask me to compare the economy his party created with a sheltered college environment which had fried chicken for lunch every Friday and a club for people who liked anime.

  2. Stacy says

    Yeah, he punked them.

    I can’t really blame the kid, but I do wish he’d done a better job. Imagine what a young Stephen Colbert could have done with that opportunity.

  3. gwen says

    He was actually playing a practical joke on Fox News to prove they aren’t real. He provided them with information it would have taken two minutes to fact-check and find out he was a fake, but they didn’t even bother.

  4. StevoR says

    “And for our next guest, we have an immature idiot”

    Yes another one.

    To match our hosts

    Come to think of it Faux news is the immature idiots own dedicated channel pretty much ain’t it?

  5. Jared A says

    After reading your comment it occurred to me that what Fox News (and the Repubs) are REALLY banking on is that recent college grads didn’t learn anything in college, since anyone who did will see right through their empty logic.

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