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    Damn you!

    Every time I watch one of these I find others in the related videos at the end that I haven’t seen (today, Anglo-Irish relations and NCT classes) and have to watch them, too.

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    Good morning Mano,

    I actually find the Jewish calender handy because the year changes pretty much in line with the beginning of the school year so I’m able to make notes to myself and organize my work computer files around that year (currently 5772) rather than write 2011/12.

    Personally I’ve always liked the idea — found in a number of Science Fiction future histories — of resetting our calendar to be in line with the Trinity event on 16 July 1945 so that 1945 of the common era becomes year one of the Atomic Era, which would make the current year 68 AE. (The other possible starting date sometimes suggested is 2 December 1942, the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction (a less violent and perhaps more important event), which would make this year 71 AE.)

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


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