Tailgunner Joe is back…

… and is even crazier.

Echoing the tactics of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, Congressman Allen West (R-Florida) says that he “has heard” that up to 80 Democrats in the US House of Representatives are members of the Communist Party but he won’t give their names. At least he did not say that he had the list of names in his hand.


  1. Steve says

    He probably thinks that the Russians hordes will rush through the Fulda Gap any minute now

  2. Randomfactor says

    He must have a very low opinion of his constituents’ IQ. Then again, they voted for him, so I do as well.

  3. Alverant says

    I heard that 80 congressional Republics make monthly donations to the Army of God. No I’m not going to prove it. If West doesn’t have to, then neither do I.

  4. thewhollynone says

    Did West really say that? How unoriginal of him! He must be desperate for attention.

  5. unbound says

    @thewhollynone – Well, he is one of the tea party rethuglicans, so you really can’t expect originality.

  6. slc1 says

    As Ed Brayton has noted in several posts, West is a worthy challenger to Iowa Congressman Steve King as the dumbest person in Congress.

  7. Ned Champlain says

    The competition for that title is to close to call and several more candidates make it a very hard one to win

  8. JohnW says

    Well given that “up to 80” means exactly the same as “less than 81”, and 0 < 81, he's right.

  9. jufulu says

    You have to admit that the term communist has been revised since McCarthy’s days, so it would probably be quite easy to come up with 80 communists among House Democrats. I believe that just being Democrats would probably qualify.

  10. Scott says

    He did say “members of the Communist Party,” which would mean they are not just commies, but actual members of an organization, though. I agree, most Democrats are probably commies in the eyes of the tea partiers, but to say that they are actual members of an organization is an empirical statement. An empirical statement for which he has no evidence, I might add.

    But is ANYONE a member of the Communist Party any more?

  11. 'Tis Himself says

    Gus Hall, who was the Secretary of the Communist Party-USA during the 1940s and 1950s, liked to explain how J. Edgar Hoover was a supporter of the CP-USA. Hoover insisted that his spies and infiltrators in the party remain current with their dues. Hall said that the FBI informers were generally the only people who did pay party dues regularly. As a result, the FBI was the main financial supporter of the party and the party regulars could easily tell who was working for Hoover.

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