The triviality of the White House press corps

The Daily Show takes to task the White House press corps for their focus on trivial trash-talk politics while ignoring the important issues that are right under their noses.


  1. ollie says

    Mano, most Americans (conservatives and liberals) like their President being able to kill “the bad guys”. If one of the “bad guys” just happens to NOT be a bad guy, chances are it is some darker skinned Muslim in a robe and head scarf so it is no skin off of “our” nose.

    To get action on that issue, you need a potential Timothy McVeigh being preemptively killed…and turns out to be a genuine “good old boy” or even someone with money.

  2. sumdum says

    Wasn’t it also Jon who said ‘If due process does not mean judicial process, then what the fuck DOES it mean ?’

  3. jamessweet says

    Due process: When the president pinky-swears that that guy was totally a terrorist.

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