Maurice Sendak

I was tempted to not watch Stephen Colbert interview children’s book author Maurice Sendak, thinking it would not be interesting. I was wrong. Sendak turns out to be a funny and feisty guy, one of the few who can match wits with Colbert.

(To get hints on how to view clips on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)

Part 1 was shown on January 24, 2012.

Part 2 was shown on January 25, 2012.


  1. Irene Delse says

    “Why do you write for children?” “I don’t write for children. I write!”

    “What do you think.” “The sad thing is that I like it.”

    “I hate e-books! They can’t be the future. They may well be, but I will be dead and I don’t give a sh*t!”

    Adorable old guy.

  2. M Groesbeck says

    Maurice Sendak qualifies as not only “feisty” but “fierce”. He was my absolute favorite when I was a little kid, and I’ve yet to see anything to change my mind — quite the contrary, in fact.

  3. niftyatheist says

    Thank you for this nugget of pure gold! Really enjoy your blog and glad you joined FTB (I had not come across you before this).