#ParadigmSymposium: the saltatory illogic of Rita Louise


Shortly after I arrived at the Paradigm Symposium this afternoon, the organizers announced that all the toilets at the venue were backed up. I think there’s a metaphor somewhere in there.

I got to hear Rita Louise talk about “Genetic Engineering in Antiquity” anyway. It was an amazing parade of non sequiturs and irrational leaps, all built on the bizarre premise that aliens had to have guided all of evolution. I say “premise” specifically, because it was not a conclusion from the evidence, but rather a presupposition that she pretended the evidence supported. It was also strange because the entirety of the evidence she presented was conventional scientific observations that support evolution.

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Can you die of a bogosity overdose?


I’m getting worried. This is going to be a weekend heavy on bullshit: I’m bouncing straight from a week of smart students mastering basic science to the Paradigm Symposium, and the shock might kill me. I’m heading off to Minneapolis shortly, and my plan is to ease myself in with one talk today: Rita Louise (should I mention the typo in the itinerary that names her “Rita Lousie”, that sorta messed up my google searches for background?), and she’s going to be talking about “Genetic Engineering in Antiquity”. How could I miss that?

Bestselling author Dr. Rita Louise is the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio.

She is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field. Her unique gift as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant illuminates and enlivens her work.

Rita is the author of the books Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods , Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4 , Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities and The Power Within.

She actually is a doctor. She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and has degrees in Naturopathy and Natural Health Counseling, and is also the chair of the International Association of Medical Intuitives. Whew. I am totally outranked.

You might be wondering who was doing this genetic engineering in antiquity. Would you be shocked to learn that it was…ALIENS? She says she has evidence of alien intervention. Her “evidence” seems to be allopolyploidy. Should I tell her that that happens naturally and doesn’t require aliens?

Watch this video and notice a common technique: questions. Did aliens intervene in human evolution?, not “Aliens intervened in human evolution.” I guess it’s supposed to sound more reasonable if you’re Just Asking Questions, rather than making outright claims.

If I survive or avoid lapsing into a coma, I’ll try to report back what I learn about aliens jiggering our crops in prehistory later this evening.