Another good sign

Moms for Liberty, that horrible collection of hateful Karens, made a big push in yesterday’s election to take over more school boards. It didn’t go well for them.

Moms for Liberty, the right-wing “parental rights” group advocating a hardline anti-woke agenda in America’s schools, had a rough night in Tuesday’s elections for school board seats around the country.

The organization, considered an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, endorsed scores of candidates in school districts in several states from Alaska to North Carolina. But the group’s record backing book bans, opposing racially inclusive lessons in classrooms, and pushing anti-LGBTQ messages seemingly failed to connect with voters in multiple ballots.

Pennsylvanians didn’t like them.

A “voter guide” from the group earlier this year recommended candidates in five districts but stressed that the messaging was “not an official endorsement.” All five of the Republican candidates in Central Bucks—which has been roiled for years by culture war rows—were included in the guide. But after Tuesday’s vote, the district’s school board was swept by Democrats who won five seats.

Pennridge, another school district in Bucks County, was also closely watched. The GOP-led school board made headlines in July after a curriculum consultant it hired likened his work to a fox in a henhouse during a Moms for Liberty summit in Philadelphia, reportedly telling attendees he wanted to remake schooling for “our side.”

On Tuesday, all five of the school board’s open seats went to Democrats. According to WFMZ, the rejected Republican candidates ran under the name “Protect Pennridge” and had advocated a policy requiring kids to use restrooms and play on sports teams which aligned with their biological sex.

This was a nation-wide phenomenon. Being endorsed by Moms for Liberty was the kiss of death.

But losses also mounted in other states. As of Wednesday morning, three of four candidates endorsed by the group were trailing in their races in Loudoun County, Virginia, where Democrats were projected to hold the board. MfL candidate Michael Rivera lost by 6 percentage points after all votes had been counted, while endorsed candidate Chris Hodges lost his race to a Democrat. Joe Smith narrowly lost out by just 174 votes. Deana Griffiths, another MfL endorsed candidate, was ahead by a single percentage point in her race in the Ashburn District.

Here in Minnesota, voters also did a good job of kicking them out.

In Minnesota, all four candidates put forward by MfL were wiped out in the race for the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District. None of them managed to attract double-digit support, with voters predominantly favoring three incumbents and one newcomer to the school board.

Huh. Who knew that hating gay and trans people wasn’t a winning position in elections?


  1. Walter Solomon says

    Hopefully, reason and decency will again prevail in 2024 but I’m not so optimistic about it.

  2. Doc Bill says

    The collective noun for a group of Karens is a “Complaint.”

    And if you don’t like it, you can lump it. And I want to speak with the manager.

  3. microraptor says

    We’ve seen very consistently for the last few years that Rethugulans’ culture war politics is a losing strategy. We’ve also seen consistently that polls ahead of the elections show the Rethugulans do better in polls than they do on election day. This is why I haven’t been paying attention to all the polls saying that Biden’s losing to Trump or that there’s going to be a Red Wave in 24.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Oh noes, burning the books and giving machine guns to babies is a losing proposition, against God, Country and the antiamerican way or something.
    Obviously, they’ll now be positively forced to utilize thermonuclear hand grenades or something.

    Imagine the ignominy of defeat by the mere action of wiping one’s ass after taking a shit, not even embarrassing.

  5. Paul K says

    microraptor @ 4: I’m right there with you. I also think that, at least sometimes, the stupid flogging of these polls hurts the right by getting the decent but lazier folks who might otherwise have stayed at home out to vote in the polls that count. And maybe get the crazies to be a bit lazy and stay home.

    Still, any news about polls, especially a year out but really any time, just get ignored by me.

  6. Kagehi says

    One of the funniest thing I think I have seen so far with this was a short clip of Fox morons lamenting that their losses where a result of, “Not being able to find the right person to deliver their message.” Because, yeah, the problem has to be that your cult leader is currently in court having melt downs and lying about what is going on in said court, instead of charismatically spewing your insane ideas about how the government should work – not like… the insane ideas themselves.

    Oh, and to Paul K’s comment about polls. Someone pointed out that in 2015, according to the same early polls, the front runner was “not” a con artist real estate developer from NY, and that said scammer had absolutely no chance to win. So.. there is fair odds that anything the reich wing polls are showing them at this point are way off mark, no matter what they might think they are implying. Its no so much that they are useless, as that, as the same person put it, “Its based on the self selected opinion of random people who are willing to answer a phone and tell people they don’t know about who they want to win the election.” And, given the level of scammers, random BS calls, etc. that have also escalated over the same 8 years or so, this would be who? The same ones that fall for, “You computer has been hacked, let us log into it to install ‘security software’ so we can later better scam your out of your life savings!”, types perhaps?

    BTW, want some fun on that score, check out Kitboga’s recent video on how he and his team created an entire fake Bitcoin website, as a huge maze of dead ends and plausible hoops to jump through, for scammers, one of whom spent more than 860 hours trying to “get through” to get their imaginary money from someone they thought they had successfully scammed. lol