What’s an arachnophile who needs his morning coffee to do?

She looks very happy in there — she’s been expanding her web, dropping gumfoot lines to the bottom of the cup, scouting out the slippery edge of the cup, and grooming herself. I don’t think it’s a great spot to capture small insects (but what do I know? I’ve got a spider in my coffee cup, maybe flies visit it all night long), so I’m going to have to relocate her.

Also, I need my coffee.


  1. jimzy says

    Relocate? Is that the only coffee cup you have? If so, I would recommend taking a caffeine capsule or two and feeding her some fruit flies.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I’ve a favorite coffee cup and two spares. Largely in case I either break one or if I’m soaking the thing in drain cleaner to get the gunk residue out of one, one comes into rotation.
    I’ve also a pair of emergency cups that I more often use as egg mixing bowls, as the volume of those cups is a bit excessive for my health and needs. Excessive, as in I can easily whisk a half dozen eggs in one, that’s a whole lot way too much coffee for someone with a leaking mitral valve.

  3. StevoR says

    It’s a brief moment in the lifetime of a cup. Even a fave one. Its an individual life at stake for the spider.

    The cup willlast and endure,. The spider is short -lived. Not mayfly -short but relatively..

  4. christoph says

    I also have a favorite coffee cup, it was a gift at the height of COVID. It just says, “6 FEET BITCH.”

  5. says

    Oh, that’s easy: relocation. I find myself gently scolding a spider when I find one in a similar situation: “Hey, there’s nothing in this house that you can eat here. I gotta get you outside so you don’t starve!”

    Yeah, I’m insanely nice to the poor things. My husband thinks I’m too nice.

  6. says

    The spider has been given a new home in a cluttered roll-top desk. She seemed the discerning, thoughtful type, so I figured that would work for her.

  7. fergl says

    Ive never knowingly killed a spider. My Granny said it was bad luck. You cant disregard grannies.

  8. Alan G. Humphrey says

    PZ, you should have put a little vinegar in that cup and let the gnats come to their new diner.

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