But I was joking!

You know this podish-sortacast that Freethoughtblogs runs? At the end of the last one, we were talking about new topics, and I casually threw out “SPIDERS” expecting everyone would actually pick something of broader general interest. The jokes on me, because guess what we’re talking about on Saturday?

I can probably think of something to say. Whether it is of interest is a different question.


  1. cheerfulcharlie says

    And down here in Texas, it is tarantula season. Millions of male tarantulas go on their mating journy searching for female tarantulas. Eat your heart out, Meyers!

  2. StevoR says

    Could you broaden it to Arachnids generally and inlcude the Eurypterids as well? How close exacly are they to Horseshoe Crabs too could be interesting..

  3. John Morales says

    [Um, I am basically suggesting the same sort of thing as StevoR, but independently]