1. Sphinx of Black Quartz says

    I’m sorry, PZ. I hope you get a nice long break from bad news; you deserve one.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I am sorry to hear this.
    The dog surely missed your brother; that extra trauma was too much for his aged body.
    We see this in married frail humans too they often die shortly after one another.

  3. rwiess says

    Touch my heart. Got back yesterday from a two week road trip in an rv with friends – five adults and one ancient, blind, wobbly retriever. Had contingency plans for what if she dies mid-trip. First morning back and she’s still with us. Condolences to your whole family for both Jim and Dog.

  4. maireaine46 says

    I am so sorry about your brother and his dog. So much sorrow for you and your family. I fell and broke my hip at the beginning of oct, and are at the mercy of the very broken US health care system. Do not get sick or injured. It is hell.

  5. fishy says

    This dog, Nestlé, knew and made a conscious decision to linger on in spite of his infirmity.
    We give so little credit for intelligence to species other than or own, especially to those even more alien.

  6. magistramarla says

    You’re right. I watched my cat grieve after my GSD mobility dog passed on. She staked out his bed for a few days, and we didn’t have the heart to remove it. Once we did, for several months, she would sit in that corner, glaring at us.
    She went through the same grieving when our 16 year old Maine Coon passed away in May, 2021.
    She was really missing him that summer. In September 2021, we brought home a Maine Coon kitten, and she was overjoyed. She has “raised” her kitten, and they are now a bonded pair.
    It’s enlightening to watch the relationships that our companion animals form with us, and with the other animals in the house.