Much cuter than kittens

First thing this morning, I checked on my new first wave of Steatoda triangulosa spiderlings, took photos, measured dimensions, etc., and posted some stuff to my Patreon page. Usually those posts are private to patrons, but this one time I open it up to the public. If you like pictures of cute baby spiders, check it out. If you want more, subscribe! This is going to be a daily thing as I document the development of pigment patterns in Steatoda triangulosa. It’ll be fun! Your daily dose of spiderlings!


  1. StevoR says

    FWIW I agree with Fred Brehm – although I’m not a patron and it does also seem like a nice idea too. Is there an acknowledgemenst for funding /sponsors bit on science papers usually or sometimes because, if so, that seems to me like it might be the place for the patrons list but I really don’t know.

    The legs of the spider there look odd to me specifically how they seem to be growing / going over the head but maybe just the angle? First (?) leg joints being that dark really stand out against the paler body and translucent blueish legs and had me wondering for a bit.