Woo-hoo! Fortune has arrived!

I got an offer this morning to host a 30 second commercial on my next video — and they’d pay me $1800 for it. Whoa, is a little spot on a video by a little-known YouTuber like myself worth that much? No, it is not, but the money would be nice, and I delude myself into thinking I at least contribute a little knowledge on those things. A niggling temptation wormed its way into my brain.

I was briefly entertaining the idea enough to look up the company making the offer.

It’s one of those crypto/NFT scammer companies.

Well, that made it easy: HELL NO.

At least I was reminded I should get off my butt and implement a couple of the video ideas I have in my head. It’s just that right now I have so many spiders and so many egg sacs that demand my attention and I have to get this developmental timing series done before summer ends and I’m suddenly teaching 3 classes again…


  1. Artor says

    You know PZ, you could always make a counter-offer and mail these folks some spider eggs and ask that they film them hatching and spreading through their offices in exchange for your video.

  2. euclide says

    To be honest, youtubers who accepts such a deal should be sued as accessory for the financial crimes that are probably committed.

  3. lldayo says

    How do you turn this down?! This is the perfect opportunity to make a video on these scams while they sponsor it!