Everything everywhere all at once

This would be a good day to sit and seethe until I melt down into an angry little puddle, but unfortunately, today is also the last major hoorah of the semester. The lab reports are in, I just have to grade them, and I’ve also got three seminars I have to attend, and then I have to assemble all the grades into a final assessment for the students.

At least I’ve got lots of distractions, I guess.

(Oh, yeah, I also saw the movie with the same title as this post the other day, in a gap in my schedule as I was waiting for more assignments to flood in. It was very good, highly recommended, I want to go see it again.)


  1. says

    Truthfully, none of us have the luxury to waste time.
    We all need to move forward & keep moving forward in any way we are able to.
    As tired as we are, they will continue to win by attrition if we give into our emotional responses.
    Use the emotions for the cause, use it constructively just don’t waste a moment’s worth of time if you can.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Antiquated legal BS – but so distant in time we can laugh about it:
    A certain prophet introduced a very repugnant law, but upon his death the widow “accidentally” let the scroll get eaten by a goat. I wish we could fix things as easily today.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    I recommend Steppenwolf’s “Monster”. Still relevant.
    But if people in the sixties managed to overcome the reactionary forces, so can this generation. And maybe make some great music along the way.
    This year, I hope we will see Ukraine make borscht of the Russian forces. And maybe see the Democrats grow a pair (as for those who only offer cosmetic resistance – you know what the primaries are for?).

  4. says

    The movie is overrated greatly. It has several structural problems-the most striking of which is there are no real characters in the film and it’s pure fantasy that a Boomer would get generational trauma-but people are apparently caught up on its zaniness and humor to notice.