1. says

    They’re only “pro-life” until the baby’s actually born. Then as far as they care, the kid can starve to death in a gutter. You want to show how much you care for actual living breathing children? Medicare for all, paid parental leave, even public education and school lunch programs. Care for the kids who are already here, not the blastocysts who only have a 30% chance of being carried to term.

  2. robro says

    They…the politicians anyway, and probably the preachers…actually don’t give a fuck about the unborn baby. Fetus fervor is just an instrument for generating votes, bucks, power.

    They claim to care about the unborn baby, but they obviously don’t give a fuck about the woman or young girl carrying the baby. They are babies too, just as we all are. If she has to have an abortion because of problem with the fetus and she can’t get one, then she dies. If she has to have that child, then her life is wrapped up in that child whether she was prepared for that or not, with the all the impact that has on her life…and date I mention the life of other children she may have now or in the future.

  3. prairieslug says

    Man, i miss George. We need people with his clarity and thoughtfulness more than ever.

  4. wzrd1 says

    “The sanctity of life”, while prohibiting in the two most extreme antiabortion bill/law abortion of ectopic pregnancy and in one case, demanding an aborted ectopic pregnancy be reimplanted.
    There is no reimplantation of a placenta, so another state murdering women by neglect of modern medical care out of respect for the sanctity of life, while bitching executions are down because they can’t get the drugs for them and maybe shoot them out of mercy.
    Frankly, what the nation deserves is for Putin to push his button, Biden push his and let the place turn to fucking glass. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ve salted their bombs, like Putin already said that he’d do.

  5. R. L. Foster says

    All of you gays and lesbians out there, hold tightly onto your spouses, because Alito & Gang are coming for you next. Marriage equality. Oh, yeah, there’s a shadow docket about that. And then there’s the little issuesof The Pill. They say the Pill Kills. It doesn’t, of course, but it rhymes so it must be true. They’ll try to get rid of that too. So, all of you gals under 50 better get ready for the fight of your lives. When it comes to sex and civil rights these christo-fascists want to take us back, way, way back. Forget the fucking 1950s (despite what some say, they weren’t that great, trust me, I was there.) They want to take us back to 1800 when women had 10 kids, Blacks knew their place, only White men could vote, and the environment was someplace they could shit on and there was no EPA to tell them to stop it. This is what we get for electing a man like Trump to the highest office in the land. Fuck him. Fuck the Supreme Court. Fuck McConnell. There’s no going back now. We’re in a battle to the end. Only one side can win.

  6. reelingmind says

    George Carling helped bring me to political consciousness and I am eternally grateful he helped me see. I also recommend and ask you to remember this one:

    “The only rights they had was ‘right this way”‘.

    “Rights aren’t rights if someone can take em away.”