You will be replaced. Get over it.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an inescapable law of nature. The Great Replacement is going to happen. You will die. New individuals will emerge from the gene pool, and they won’t be you, and they won’t look like you, and they’ll be a mongrel mixture of different adults now living on the planet. You would think that someone calling themselves an evolutionary psychologist would comprehend that.

Individuals dying in a thriving population doesn’t mean you’re going extinct. That’s a sloppy use of the language; by that definition, we’re constantly going extinct, that when my grandmother died it was an extinction event, that I can look forward to my own inevitable extinction, and that when I go, it’ll be the end of my unique, special species, like losing the passenger pigeon. That’s complete nonsense. It’s an attempt to turn your own existential dread of death into a global tragedy.

Get over yourselves.

Having children really is just a choice, and the vitality of a population isn’t a matter of whether individuals “selfishly” choose to have kids or “selfishly” choose not to. That decision isn’t the one that’s going to decide whether your demographic fades away or not. What matters is whether you choose to contribute to a healthy society, with individuals favoring different, productive roles that don’t have to include child-bearing, and that you build a strong, robust culture that propagates itself. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 children, but they all have to live in a survivalist shelter and never get an education and treat strangers as enemies — that’s a lineage that will burn out and die and fail to contribute to the future.

The magic words that will define a culture that does not go extinct are “community” and “cooperation”.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    I seem to recall the Spartans are no longer around.
    The Third Reich was supposed to last 1000 years but failed after 12.
    The Magyars – feared steppe warriors in what is today Hungary- disappeared very quickly and the even more feared huns disappeared just as fast.
    And to stay around and weather epidemics, you need a genetically diverse population.

  2. says

    You don’t get more white than me, but the Great Replacement scaremongers would not be happy if I’d had kids. Even if their mom had been another really white person they wouldn’t be on their side.

  3. stroppy says

    Indeed, and in that light we have a constitution, however imperfect, that is a social compact of ideals, inclusive of everyone, with the people as its custodians. It’s not about blood and soil. Those who think otherwise are either ignorant, evil, or just plain stupid, not to mention unAmerican.

  4. says

    “It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an inescapable law of nature.”
    Changing demographics are reality. Only fools and madmen think there’s any permanence in the human race. There’s nothing special about ANY of us. It’s the greatest lie the Christian Nationalists and American Fascists told themselves. They bought their own propaganda and think they’re each a special little snowflake with a god ordained destiny. A petty dream for a petty people. I am under no such delusions. I know my place in the universe isn’t special. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. says

    The posteriors promoting the preposterous “replacement theory” forget or blithely ignore how whites replaced others by genocide in various countries around the world, such as where “replacement theory” is being spouted.

    They also forget or don’t know that whites on the British Isles have been replaced themselves, like when the Norse and Normans invaded, when Angle mercenaries decided to stay instead of going home, etc. I’ll bet those who want to ban any language but English don’t even know French was the official language of Britain for 300 years.

    Yup, everything gets replaced eventually.

  6. raven says

    The whites in the USA have already been replaced!!!

    The major fear of the 1800’s was the immigration of lesser breeds like the Irish and Germans, who were also Catholics. There were anti-immigration riots all through that era that killed quite a few people. The whites were correct. This is what happened.

    German-Americans make up the largest self-reported ancestry group within the United States accounting for roughly 49 million people and approximately 17% of the population of the US.

    The Germans are now the largest ethnic group in the USA.

    In the 2000 census, 24.5 million Americans reported English ancestry, 8.7% of the total U.S. population.

    The Anglo-Saxons (English) are 8.7% of the population. The English are even below the Irish at 9.2%.

    Strangely enough, almost no one noticed the Great Replacement of the Anglo-Saxons and no one really much cares.

  7. says

    “Replacement Theory”? Is that the worst the Republican Party can do? You call that lame-o whinge paranoia? Listen up, younglings, and I’ll show you how existential dread is really done.

    For you see, in a mere 2 centuries – a measly 200 years, a blink of history’s eye – every man, woman, child, infant, fetus, and freshly conceived zygote, every one without exception will have completed their life cycles, and be dead and gone. All without exception! And not only everyone now alive, but their children too. There will still be people, but they will all be someone else’s kids.

    And not only will everyone alive be replaced, their culture will not be ours either. They will speak different words, with different meanings, pronunciations, spelling, and grammar. Their technology will be radically different, and their economics, and politics, and culture. They will have heard of our culture, but they will misunderstand it. To them we’ll be quaint.

    100% demographic turnover, plus major cultural turnover: how’s that for a great replacement? And here’s the cream of the jest: that’s normal! 100% replacement is how the biosphere works! Whoever has a problem with that has bigger problems than immigration policy. Their problem is with something called the human condition. Any objections?

    Wait, they’re worried about skin tint? Listen up, younglings: no-one has white skin; everyone has white bones.

    “Great Replacement”? I shake my head. What a bunch of losers!

  8. robro says

    Intransitive @ #6 — 

    The posteriors promoting the preposterous “replacement theory” forget or blithely ignore how whites replaced others by genocide in various countries around the world”

    Perhaps they aren’t forgetting. Perhaps they remember and are projecting onto other people. Perhaps they fear the imagined consequences.

  9. Allison says

    The Magyars – feared steppe warriors in what is today Hungary- disappeared very quickly and the even more feared huns disappeared just as fast.

    They’re not gone. Today’s Hungarians are the descendants of those Magyars. They just aren’t such “feared steppe warriors.” Sort of like the Mayans.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Allison @ 10
    You spotted the error. My bad.
    -I was thinking of the Avars , the steppe horse people that was in Hungary before the Magyars, another steppe horse people who we now simply know as “Hungarians”.
    By retaining their linguistic identity they certainly did better than the etruscans whose descendants live in Tuscany. Ironically, the Germans living east of the Elbe river are descended from West slav tribes who changed language after German feudal lords took over the land ca. 1100AD (Berlin is a slav place name). And we have the english-speaking celts in Great and Lesser Britain. The muslim spaniards in central Spain were ethnically cleansed by christian spaniards. The list goes on forever.
    -The Juralians and Urdukians that will be living in north America 3000AD will likely know english as a past lingua franca like Urdu in India and latin in Europe.

  11. klatu says

    Hey, Crip.

    Shit. I want to ask you something and it’s really bad. Do you think it would be OK to message you in private somehow?

  12. says

    The problem with evolutionary psychologists is that they think evolution has been directed at producing… evolutionary psychologists as the epitome of evolution. It’s sort of the special-snowflake version of the anthropic principle.

  13. birgerjohansson says

    Jaws @ 13
    Evolutionary psychologists think they are the whole point of evolution.
    My two cats know they are the end point.
    Someone – I think it was Samuel Clemens- said the time humans have existed relates to geologic time of the Earth the same way the thickness of the final layer of paint atop the Eiffel Tower relates to the total height. Obviously the whole purpose of the tower is to hold up that final layer of paint.
    There was some white supremacist that wrote an extremely racist novel called “White Apocalypse” about someone who finds evidence white people / aryans had been living in north America before the arrival of the indians, only to be wiped out by the untermenschen.
    The writing quality of the novel was such that it was inadvertedly comical.

  14. birgerjohansson says

    Replacement revisited.
    Stage one. A Republican government cuts corners with the testing of a new Pentagon AI system to get it operational quickly.
    Stage two. Skynet becomes self-aware.
    Stage three. The threat of getting replaced by rival groups of humans becomes irrelevant.

  15. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Yeah, they won’t even be replaced, PZ. The great replacement hinges on an assumption that is so false that it’s known to be false by bright high school students: Birth rates aren’t staying constant. No group is going to be exceeding their replacement rate in the near future. (And if the fashies really gave a shit, rather than wanting a reason to demonize interracial marriage and justify their actions, they would actually want to promote contraception, industrialization, equality and education, because that’s what lets women get out of the home and be breeders. What they want is for their own women to be breeders instead, but putting that front and foremost isn’t good for recruiting and makes them have to admit that the #1 enemy of the white male fascist is actually the white woman).

    @8: It’ll work for some people. When you have power, you are taught to view the world as a zero-sum game. These demographic changes are scary.