The ignominy

I’ve told you before that the content I made on Scienceblogs years ago has been hijacked — the site was bought up (legitimately, I can’t do anything about it) by a conservative asshole who simply uses it as a vehicle to host ads. It’s a shame, but at least all that stuff I wrote didn’t disappear into the ol’ bit bucket. But now I have learned that they’ve added insult to their legally sanctioned theft.

“pharyngula” (at least they spelled that right) by…who??!?

Man, I ought to give up and have my name legally changed to PZ, just PZ. They couldn’t misspell that, could they?

Oh yeah, they could. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been called PJ.


  1. consciousness razor says

    Man, I ought to give up and have my name legally changed to PZ, just PZ. They couldn’t misspell that, could they?

    I wouldn’t bet on it, ρζ.

  2. says

    OK, then, how do normal people avoid this problem? Do I need to switch to something more mundane? That would be hard since “Myers” is a pretty common name.

    When I got married, we discussed taking my wife’s last name. Would “PZ Gjerness” have been less likely to get mangled?

  3. Owlmirror says

    the site was bought up (legitimately, I can’t do anything about it)

    You could sue to have your postings taken down so as not to be associated with the new ownership.

    But since you seem pleased rather than otherwise that they are still there, that seems unlikely.

    Tangentially, did you once say that you still have the database snapshot from the old Movable Type system before they switched over to WordPress, or did I dream that up?

  4. says

    Unfortunately, “Meyers” is also a very common name. People butcher my last name all the time. I just try and correct them and move on.

  5. stroppy says

    Go with the flow, sow confusion, Purcival Zebediah Mayorz. Give future historians something to puzzle over in their spare time.

  6. whheydt says

    People have trouble with my last name (Heydt), mispelling is common and mangled pronunciation happens too often to count. When we got married, my wife (nee’ Jones) changed her name because that–very common–name tripped people up who could neither spell it nor pronounce it.

    Skip forward about 30 years… Our daughter changed her name when she married, in part over the problems with people mangling Heydt. Her surname is now Creelman. She has discovered that people can neither spell or pronounce something that simple.

    When is comes to names, there seems to be an incredibly strong streak of illiteracy.

  7. Louis says


    We all know, and have known for >20 years since the days of Talk.Origins and Alt.Atheism, that, however your surname is spelled, it is most certainly, definitely, not under any circumstances spelled “Myers”.


  8. Ridana says

    I once had something mailed to me and when giving my name, I spelled it out, complete with “a as in apple” clarifications for each letter so that it wouldn’t be misheard over the phone. When it arrived, my surname ended up as “Giblet.” Only two of those letters are in my surname.

    So no, I’m afraid there is no hope, Ft. ,urtd.

  9. Ridana says

    Btw, the two letters that, apparently by sheer luck, happened to be right were in the wrong positions.

  10. nomdeplume says

    “PZ, just PZ. They couldn’t misspell that, could they?” Hmm, don’t forget that here in Australia we pronounce it PZed…

  11. KuraZed says

    Hmmm. Is it “pee-zee” or “pee-Zed”? Just curious I don’t much care either way I just read for the content.